Way, an App to Locate Friends and Forget about Sharing Map on Whatsapp

You use WhatsApp or Telegram location attachments to meet people or to find you? To replace this practice so it becomes an application that puts first map and the real time location and later adds communication as an extra. It is called Way and it is literally an app to make it easier to find people and stay.

After a while of use, the first impression that leaves is that it is made to go to the grain when it comes to be: When, where, how I get and who will. It is structured in the form of specific events to go leaving a trail, a direct counterattack to these groups of WhatsApp or Telegram that you forget to get out after the Meetup.

Conversations with real time tracking

The first thing you ask is that you verify the contact by SMS or automated call number and that you think a user profile. Very simple, just with an image and a name, which will be shown in the chat but not in the list of contacts, which directly taken from your calendar.

The difference between the Way and the rest of applications of communication is here all calls are treated as events and as such have an expiration date. When you click on a contact does not open a permanent chat, creates a specific Way with date of expiry no later than eight hours from the initial moment.

In this Way you will be able to see from the first moment your position and the position of the other person, which is updated in time real with GPS information, if you want to find moving. In addition, allows to create a meeting point where both you are going to find at a specific time and connects with Google Maps so that organize you the route best suited to the point.

Finally, there is a chat window where you can leave your messages with emoticons. As it is not intended to be a tool of continuous communication, just a functional application, there is no option to send and receive pictures and videos, contacts, or any other alternative of which tend to see in that kind of apps.

Ways one by one or in groups

In addition to the expiry date, only you can have open an individual Way with each one of the people at the same time, i.e. you can not create two different appointments with the same person. What you can do is have a personal event and then another group in which you are both included. A birthday that there will be many people passed me by the head and want to stay just before with someone to get together.

The Ways of group are indistinguishable in virtually none of the individual, except that they bear a name which must be selected to create it and a own photo. Nor do I know what is the maximum number of people that can join one, or if there is no limit.

As secondary function is it Alert location, a message from re-stop with your position that will be sent with just a button to all emergency contacts. This function must be set it up with all the names that you want to include.

Privacy and surveillance

The greatest danger of this application is the situation of control that submits to its users, since in the majority of cases it is not nice to be always located, and less all over the world. To avoid this violation of privacy, the ways are not created automaticante, you have to manually accept invitations.

Thereafter and until it is turned off, the other participants of that event can know exactly where you are. Its creators say it is the best way to not be warning continuously how much you need to get, but at the same time who arrives late stays without the option of a little trick as an excuse.

The application requires enough permissions. It requests access calls, photos and multimedia, send and view sms, contacts, and location. In addition, it should be included in the Group of protected applications. On the other hand, it is cross-platform, so users of Android and iOS can share chats, as it is usual in this type of apps.

With current dependence we have on the mobile to stay, the concept has potential. Their great risk is that you it’s something that more or less you can do with other apps, and if it is not used well, can seem redundant. Although be much automates the process of shark, especially for which expected because it can move and still available.

The greatest fear of the proposal is the total control of the lives of others by abusive track of its position. But privacy is currently guaranteed by using the configuration and the temporality of events.

Way is an app that is similar, but different from the majority. Do you find you use in your day to day to settle it?

way – find your friends

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Singular People
  • Download: Google play
  • Android version: 4.0.3 and higher