Washable Nursing Bras

When you are breastfeeding is very important to keep the nipple dry between shots to avoid the formation of cracks and the proliferation of germs.

For this purpose, besides to absorb the drops of milk that could leave, some women use disposable feeding, most disks, inside bra.

But a more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable underpads are the reusable protective made of cotton (some very pretty with lace like see those us in the picture) that can wash and reuse over and over again.

There are some made in silk with curative and special soft super wool to prevent rosaduras in cracked nipples or tender. According to Biotionary, it is not good to wash a bra frequently.

In addition to organic, which is very important, them find more aesthetic than the disposable some notice to the League under clothing.

Sell them the major brands of childcare such as Avent and Mothercare and they can also be achieved in Natural parenting.