Vintage Lifestyle on the Godema Part 1

Wow, what a great weekend! I still do not know how to put all the many impressions into words. But first from the beginning. On Saturday and Sunday, the Vintage Lifestyle, an  event organized by the Vintage Flaneur, tookplace at the Godema in Bonn Bad Godesberg. As I know, I am not only an employee of this magazine, but I feel strongly connected to this great project right from the start. I remember well, as the chief editor told me last year that she was planning something ambitious and would be happy about my support. Even though we had naturally hoped for the best, all of us were very surprised at the success. Now, however, the flaneur is not to be restricted to the magazine. In the long run, many great and very exciting things will happen and this first event is just the beginning.
Because I find it all so great and exciting, I have of course offered my help for the last weekend. So I went to saturday with sack and pack and ready to go to my favorite town. Already at the entrance of the fair, I stumbled across the stand of the flaneurs themselves, which was packed with the accessories of Fraulein Wildkirch, Frozen Hibiscus  and Holy Glam. There, there was the first big “hello” with the adorable Miss Dovermann, her better half Mr. Duijm and many old and new faces. I was especially pleased to meet some of the people I met and loved during the last photoshooting of the flaneurs. At the forefront are away Eliza Dotlittle and Lisa of Photography Redtro  to name. The two lively red heads I somehow immediately closed my heart.

Behind the stairs of the flaneurs, one reached the vintage market. In advance, interested exhibitors could register to present their goods this weekend. This offer had seen some, so you could admire a colorful selection of old and new clothes for women and men, wonderful accessories, hats and photography. In addition, you could get on the spot. On Saturday, Eliza Dotlittle took over, on Sunday Jette Miranda gave the ladies a good start. All in all, the inclined visitor lacked nothing. Those who wanted, after the styling, could still be photographed in beautiful original prints by Johns Vintage  from Cologne by Redtro-Fotografie.
The beginning of the market made Vecona Vintage, a great repro-label from Wiesbaden. With a lot of charm and style security, the lovely couple produce great clothes in the style of the 1920s to 1940s. The fact is that they are not only restricted to the female target group, but also create very elegant men’s fashion. Not only the look but also the quality is right. I would have liked to have my new half still re-equipped on site and for myself still a dress dusted. This first highlight followed the already mentioned complete package of hair/make-up, great real vintage clothing and photography. Of course you could wear the beautiful clothes, hats and earrings not only for the photo, but also for sale at Johns Vintage. However, the set of redtro photography was the absolute view in this area. Lisa is always fascinating with great creativity to put her models perfectly into the scene according to

I was especially pleased with the following situation. A few days ago somebody in my Facebook Timeline postponed the new Onlineshop Vintage View. When I clicked on the specified page, I found joyfully and a little frightened that the company is not far from my place of residence. Something like this happens to one in the country so now rather rare. The owners sell not only original pieces from the 40s to the 60s, but are also really nice. I’m sure I’ll have to go some more times to try and drink coffee.
I was particularly happy about the neighboring stand. This belonged to the photographer Heiko Kalweit, whom I was allowed to meet during the last shoot of the flaneurs. There we even had the opportunity to shoot some nice photos together, which you can admire in the end of the month appearing edition of the flaneur. I’m really looking forward to it, and frankly, I’m quite excited, because after all, this was my very first professional shooting ever. It will certainly not be my last, so much I can betray.
In addition to the dear Heiko, Madame Lieselotte had moved into the neighborhood. Like the other exhibitors on site, this clothing also contributed to the fashion show and I had the honor to show some of it.”How, Modenschau?” Ask yourself perhaps some of you. Yes, there were two times a day a fashion show and I was allowed to pranze over the catwalk. For this I will but again in peace a separate post, as soon as I get some picture material.

The following exhibitors will also be devoted to a separate post, which is why I do not want to fill you with too much information at this point. It is about Frieda and Elly, a label that has devoted itself entirely to the elaborate and dressy handling with lace. The label Honey March  stood right next to it. Here pin-up met on sailor, sweet doll on strict uniform. The mixture is really successful! I just put a really pretty pants on my inner wish list. Anna C. Menzel, a hat designer  from Berlin, completed the vintage market. Many of their creations have a very special charm in the style of the 1920s, which has charmed not only me, but also the visitors of the fair.
You see, there were many, charming, different impressions this weekend! That’s why I can not just squeeze everything into a post. With one to two you still have to reckon. But these are not quite as long. Well, I try to keep it shorter. Let’s see if I can still adhere to the times when I first have the footage.