Vintage Ideas

Today I got some ideas from bijoux vintage style to your new work and still I used to update them regarding this amazing fashion. Learn more!

“I created a style for an entire world. It is seen in all the stores ‘ Ch’ ringstyle. There is nothing that resembles. I am a slave to my style. A style does not go out of fashion, Chanel doesn’t go out of fashion”, Coco Chanel.

Women love style. Women love pieces that don’t go out of fashion. Women love vintage. If it’s a Chanel, right there is that turns into love squared (there can be no math more fun, right?).

Upon winning designers like Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs, vintage fashion wins every time more adept in brazilian fashion and among consumers.

English source, the word vintage designates, on Enology, the year of a crop of grapes. In fashion, is used to define old clothes, which represent clearly your style time-as long as you’re in your original state. There are collections that revisited some decades, inspired in some retro pieces. But if was produced now, is a re-reading, it’s not vintage.

The main attraction of the vintage is your unique character. People seek increasingly to individuality, because we live in a period setting. So also the ancient, of a more defined.

With the increase in demand for unique pieces, also increased the number of thrift stores. When buying a vintage piece, even better is to choose one that is very characteristic to after mixing it with simpler things. If mixed with other strong parts, can look like a fantasy.

Another good place to find a vintage piece is the grandmother’s wardrobe. Worth blouses and dresses with prints, colors and even non-standard volumes, accompanied by a good and basic-jeans. This vintage wave, some designers have begun to reform clothes bought in thrift stores for these guys to be more current and usable. Some parts you need reform, or because the fabric is worn out or because the silhouette is completely different.

The vintage fashion recovers a little glamour climate contained in an age that gives miss even when you haven’t lived. Despite not having advanced computers and freedom women like to see references of past beautiful fashion, film, music, advertising and politics. Interestingly, the period in which a lot of people believed in the ideology, no significant changes and can even be the cause of the current political apathy.

Speaking of vintage-style jewelry, variety of choices of templates are amazing! Femininity, the colours, the romantic mood that they spend … There is no woman who doesn’t feel well using a play like that.

Pérolas, crystals, lace, old silver, old gold, pink, baby blue, green moss, pendants with the appearance of former … Worth produce with these materials and colors a vintage outfit.

I’m crazy about this fashion, and you?