Various Bib Necklaces for Your Outfits

The bib necklaces they have become one of the essential in any look accessories. Is caractetizan by its grandeur, are very striking and very stylish. In addition, they provide a chic and adorn any outfit. Look one is the latest trend.


The models are so varied that they cover all kinds of styles and of course, prices. We find from colors to black stones necklaces, passing through mixtures of different stones. And there are rigid and more cuddly, so you feel according to the garment up to take.

  • Faceted crystals necklace of Handle: 19.99 EUR EUR


One of my favorite accessories trademarks is Accesorize. There you can find many necklaces bibs, for different occasions and at affordable prices. The most striking are carved stones, ideal to show off the evening prom dresses or looks of chiffon blouses.

For the the day outfits necklaces of multiple rows of links with threads of colors, propociornan a striking touch. A simple sweater lanita or a sweatshirt with a collar, completely changes.

Based on Computerminus, the rigid bib necklaces are perfect leg up with cleavage, especially with blusitas.

  • The price of the three models is of 26.90 euro

Mar Azul

In Accessories Mar Azul You can also find very sophisticated and feminine necklaces. No doubt, a bib necklace is a feminine gift, ideal for the most flirty.

The colored stones They combine perfectly with black total look, to give a touch of color. They are really cute. Another option is to bet on them in simple and minimalist dresses.

  • Blue rhinestone bib necklace 22 euros
  • Rhinestone bib necklace colors 22 euros
  • Necklace pearls and strass 19 euros

Casual style

If you like the more casual looks, there are designs of ecasual Stilo. In this case, the color beads and fringes they are the protagonists. Silkknot, a very elaborate with unique stones collection such as jade, Onyx or Amethyst.

  • Necklace Biana (black and white) 46 euros
  • Necklace (Garnet and gold) Claudia 58 euros
  • 85 euros colors necklace

Original and little-seen designs are the of Follow us. Gold and black for the last night of the year is the combination star.

  • Metal and resin beads necklace 55 euros.
  • Collar satin ribbon with resin black and gold metal leaves 45 euros.
  • Honeycomb bib necklace with hand-sewn beads 35 euros.