Vampire Makeup For Halloween

This Halloween vampires of all the best with the makeup vampire series. Here is how convincing vampire makeup for Halloween.

Vampire Makeup for Halloween

Step 1

Start with a moisturizer.

Before you begin your vampire makeup application, prepare the face with a moisturizer. This will help your makeup stay longer, and prepare to face the onslaught of trick to follow!
Step 2

Make your face look pale.

Vampires don’t have a lot of color on the face, so that your vampire makeup Halloween should be clear. (After all, vampires never view the Sun, right?) Find a very clear tone Foundation. If your local drug store does not have a very light shadow, visit a costume shop. They definitely have a pale face makeup for this look scary. Make sure to apply this trick all over your face and all around your neck. Cover every part of your upper body that is exposed with this pale color. Keep the pale face, sealing it with a little dust. A light layer of powder will keep your vampire color longer.

Step 3

Make your vampire look.

The next step to get your vampire look this Halloween is completing his eyes. For the best appearance, your eye should be dark and smoky. You will need a dark shadow and dark eyeliner. Start adding eyeliner inside your eye in the upper and lower lid. Draw a line from the corner of your eye to the other. Follow this with a shade too dark (grey, Brown, etc). Apply shade at the edges of eyes, to make a dramatic effect. You can’t overstate this part of your vampire makeup application.

If you really want to have a convincing vampire look this Halloween, the search for some vampire contact lenses. These are white with a small black hole in the Center. They will make your eyes look too small, and give him a deadly look. Is the perfect complement to your vampire makeup. Check this website for what is vampire.

Step 4

Finish with a lipstick color.

Vampires have incredible red lips. To achieve this look this Halloween, apply a couple of coats of red lipstick you can find her lips. Use your finger to press the lipstick and rub it around for your lips can absorb the stain. Try not to sit perfectly within its lines of the lips-is supposed to look a bit ‘ off.

Add some false teeth and a couple of drops of blood on his face and vampire makeup is complete.