UTP Cable for Installation of My Security Cameras

To install security cameras already are in the home, office or business that require cable used to work will find two options on the market, Siamese Coaxial Cable and Cable UTP.

In this post we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Siamese coaxial cable is a cable consisting of two concentric conductors, a central conductor or core formed by a solid or stranded wire of copper, an outer sheath or tube-shaped conductor, and the whole protected by an insulating cover according to TIMELESSTABLETS.

The Siamese electric is not usually affected by external interference and is able to achieve speeds of transmission over long distances.


  • Transmission over long distances without affecting image quality
  • Heavy duty outdoor
  • There are models that has additional protection such as UV rays, uses underground, high humidity, proximity of chemicals, powders and abrasive agents


  • It cannot be used with security camera with IP technology
  • It does not offer aesthetic in Interior


UTP cable is a kind of cable that is not shielded and that is usually used in telecommunications. Cables that have four pairs of braids are often used only two: one that sends information and another that receives it. However, both tasks not can be performed simultaneously, so that the connection type is considered half duplex. When on the other hand, the four at the same time, such work can be done in parallel, this is known as full duplex.


  • Low effectiveness when trying to connect dots very remote, bandwidth and speed.
  • Susceptible to interference such as noises coming from the Middle
  • Long distances requires a signal amplifier


  • Its implementation is simple
  • Effective in present in basic networking problems

The use of each of these wires determined by the type of project to make.