Use of Smartwatch While Driving

The campaigns that affect the misuse of smartphones by drivers at the wheel are common, but little by little the use of another device that is becoming more frequent is becoming increasingly common: smartwatches, fatigue partners of telephones But which can also cause serious harm to its users.

Following the launch of Apple Watch last week, UK government entities have begun to show their first letters: theywill treat the use of the smartwatch behind the wheel as if it were a smartphone, unceremoniously. The penalties in the UK reach up to two years in prison in case of an accident with victims, or fines of 100 pounds and the withdrawal of three points of the card if the police caught you in fraganti .

In Spain the competent agencies have not spoken, but there is no doubt that they will end up doing so assmartwatches gain users. As a reference, the fines for talking on the mobile phone while driving are a serious violation, fined 200 euros and 3 points of the license; In case of an accident with other types of damage (material or personal) the repercussions are, logically, of greater scope.

No one doubts that using a mobile phone behind the wheel is harmful to the quality of the driving, causing serious misunderstandings that can lead to serious accidents. With smartwatches something similar happens, although it will have to be the competent authorities in each country that confirm the administrative sanctions. The Englishwoman has already taken the first step, and surely others will not be long in mentioning their plans.