Unboxing and First Impression: Nokia Booklet 3g

Nokia’s x86 debut: Unpacked and unveiled!
The first “real” computer from Nokia, the manufacturer of at least known in his home country for its versatility and, besides rubber boots, also manufactures mobile phones, can beplaced between the netbook and the subnote. On the one hand, the Intel Atom Z530 uses a netbook/MID processor, while the Booklet 3G system also offers an HDMI output, a UMTS modem and a GPS receiver to name the most important highlights, Of course you can also see in my Unboxing video the whole connections again, but first of all it is about the “look & feel”, to say it in New German.

The well-priced 400 EUR plus unlike a netbook of the first generation make itself among other things already with the packaging noticeable. Everything is a trace nobler, the packaging in dark blue is very stable and with the drawers function and the small in the packaging margin accommodated. A software CD is in vain, but the manual gives information that everything is already preinstalled. Furthermore, Nokia has a cable for the connection of a Nokia phone as well as a small in-ear headset. The power cable is particularly short, while the thin cable from the power supply to the booklet is quite long. Actually a nice thing, but with unfavorable sockets pull on the cable could cause.

Otherwise, the booklet 3G is not only because of its very well-fitted battery an extremely compact system, in the closed state, the lid and the case become a beautiful unit, ad you can get more information from itypeusa.com. On the back there is no ugly Akkubeule, at the front are no annoying LEDs to find and the Sim and the SD maps disappear behind a small flap. The touchpad has, in contrast to many other netbooks a sufficient size and beautiful large moussets. The keyboard in Chiklet style is probably just as state-of-the-art as useful. This does not bend at any point even at the beginning and offers an excellent pressure point.

Not quite so beautiful is of course the once again in the reflective variant screen, which is however able to display HDReady resolution (1,280 x 720). Also glossy and accordingly fingerprint-sensitive is the display cover, but the chic aluminum case makes the loose again.Up to here and purely visually, the booklet has ever been extremely good; Whether it goes so if I switch it on and with Windows 7 reads her as always in the next article.

Specifications Nokia Booklet 3G:

CPU: Intel Atom Z530 with 1.6GHz

RAM: 1GB DDR2.533MHz, fixed soldered

Hard Drive: 120GB, 1.8-inch SATA 4200U / min

Display: 10.1 inch with 1280 x 720 pixels

Battery: 16-cell battery, 56.8Wh, Li-ION, changeable, up to 12 hours of battery life

Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 2T2R, BT 2.1+EDR, built-in UMTS modem, assisted GPS

Interfaces: 1x HDMI 1.2, 3x USB 2.0, earphone and microphone connection, 1x SD card reader, 1x SIM card slot.

Webcam: 1.3MP

OS: Windows 7 Starter