Twitter Starts Operations in Brazil to Help Partners and Users

It’s been some time that Twitter reinforces its presence in Brazil, offering the Portuguese version on the specific site and Trending Topics to some of the cities in the country. Today Twitter showed two of the executives who will be responsible for further increasing the presence here and help potential partners interested in taking advantage of the platform, in addition to giving more support to users.

In a meeting with the press this morning, William Ribenboim, general director for Brazil, and Shailesh Rao, international vice president, spoke of the Twitter tools that can help agencies to engage users with the brands they represent, as Promoted Tweets. According to Rao, “there is a significant success story yet” of Brazilian companies on Twitter and with a local support team that can change.

Twitter also mentions that will support users more directly, but in no time the news they said exactly how. But they shared interesting numbers: Brazil is one of five countries that has users on Twitter, which to all counts 140 million active members monthly.

The count of those members is made as follows: if he did log into your account once a month, is considered an active member. Curious this method, but it helps in numbers, who am I to object?

What Brazilians more comment

Other data released by Shailesh concern that Brazilians most commented on Twitter. The last episode of the novel Brazil Avenue, with #OiOiOi hashtag, may have rendered a good video but not surpassed 3031 tweets per minute.

In contrast, we have not yet reached even close to what Americans can during an edition of the SuperBowl championship: in February this year the total number of tweets per second sent during the tournament surpassed the mark of 12,000. We’re a little far from it yet.

Today Twitter launched the Trending Topics located in more than 200 cities around the world. During the press conference, William anticipated that cities in Brazil would be included in this new wave of location. They are: Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Manaus, Curitiba, Recife, Porto Alegre, Belem, Goiania, Guarulhos, Campinas and São Luís.

Office? Not yet

Although it said the opening at the time that Twitter hired the director general, the company clarified this point: does not have an office in Brazil. Apparently, William will have to stay at home- office for some time. Altogether Twitter has three offices outside the US, where it is located its headquarters. One is in Japan and one in the UK.