Twitter Launches #Music, a Music Discovery Service

Twitter today launched the #music, service that leverages activity data from your account on the social network to recommend new artists and songs. It lets you listen to music by streaming and share them easily on Twitter, and show what your friends are liking and information about the artists you follow.

The Twitter #music is not exactly a streaming service: alone, it is only able to play previous 30 seconds of the iTunes Store and display a beautiful button for you to buy the music in the shop Apple. However, if you already have an account on Rdio or Spotify, you can integrate it to Twitter to add the ability to run entire tracks.

And that’s cool: both Rdio as Spotify already have social and music discovery features, but Twitter takes it to a much larger audience – certainly, you have far more friends on Twitter than a streaming music service. Initially, only these two services are supported, but Twitter promises to add others over time.

There are five main screens:

  • Popular: the songs that everyone is listening;
  • Emerging: reveals the “hidden talents” hidden in tweets;
  • Suggested: displays the artists you’ll probably like;
  • #nowplaying: What your friends are listening to and sharing on Twitter;
  • Me: artists you follow on Twitter;

Currently, the #music is available only in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. You can access it by web interface or the iPhone app. Twitter says the app for Android, as well as support to other countries (including Brazil), will arrive soon, despite not give dates.