Twitter Buys Analytics Company and Trends

On Thursday, the Twitter bought Smallthought System company. So far no big deal, but when we found out what the company works, the picture starts to become clearer. The Smallthought owns a service analysis and trends of human behavior on the web.

The Trendly, trends service, allowed to know what the numbers on audience not say why users are posting often the hashtag “CALA BOCA GALVAO” on Twitter, for example. Thus, the leaders of a company would like to know how the behavior of users that interest you and how to present to them.

In the case of Twitter, it is still unclear how the company will use the services of Trendly in their favor. But in a post on the official blog, the leader of Kevin Well analysis said that “every day, millions of people use Twitter to create, share and discover information. As we grow, we analyze [trends] become a crucial part to improve our service.”