Turntable T + A G 1260 R

The German full-range supplier T + A offers his latest record player T + A G 1260 R (starting from 2000 euro) in several stages on: without pickup, with perfectly adjusted system and even with integral head amplifier.

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Who visited the company T + A in Herford, which get quite easily as a sense of advent calendar: new doors open up, stuck behind those new goodies. Just no culinary, but technical. A worthy reception area, % free, but importing with imposing many awards conference rooms, and then: production sites as licked and felt believes developer offices, where you almost the surges of brain lard and ideas.

The youngest product awakens in the middle of the year because Christmas joy: with the G 1260 R, the east Westphalian HiTech forge meets the desire of many Hi-Fi fans after a record player which locates in Available price regions as the celebrated ambitious G 10, that 4200 euro expensive analog noble piece, the AUDIO in issue 5/2004. For the optically perfect on the in-house R-series custom G 1260, however hot calculated prices starting from 2000 euro calls T + A: the base price is for the drive plus a tonearm ready-made by Rega.

Totally fair 200 euro supplement the Herforder mount your cartridge still mechanically for the Rega arm to optimize Ortofon 2 M bronze – not without the Danish magnet-(mm-)system. Each pickup housing is opened and fitted interior with a carefully calculated amount of insulating paste. This reduces possible resonances and the live weight to 7.5 grams, what fits the moderate RB 300. Tip for clothes-joyful Insider: when the adjustment according to T + A the bear forest template, which optimizes the alignment error angle on average long-running LPs and. Followers of Rega geometry, which mainly as clean want to play singles or LPs that are very long, use the Interior grooves thoroughly, can adjust to the corresponding Rega template. She is model manual as well as the bear forest template.


Who would know nothing of all this, not once (again) has an amplifier with phono input grade and wants to still enjoy records (again) without any problems, for which a real all-round carefree package for 2539 euro puts together T + A. Then, PH-G 10, in this case in the MM variant is in own recess in the bottom of exemplary built pre phono preamp. The nearly noise-free pre shielded excellently in the white sheet-metal casing (83 dB SNR) can be – if time should a different Pickup on it – from below through holes in the ground in the capacity and gain by “Breaking” channel fine stage, which also helps the user manual. If you choose the MC-(moving-coil-)variante, can then do the same for resistance and reinforcement.

But even at the beginning of the chain has done everything smoothly T + A. The drive is a synchronous motor, whose power has been optimized so far unique in the industry. Because only in the textbook, a pure sine wave AC voltage leads to perfect run. A real engine with same lining always shows a rest from anxiety because his geometrical mechanical structure it differs from theory. The Herforder have analyzed these differences and selectively enriched the drive waveform using a DSP (digital signal processor) to harmonics that compensate for such inaccuracies. Via a potentiometer will be fine tuned the electronic engine additive for every single player – stable tracking and rumble values (see below) are of success.

The motor drives an aluminium sub-platter, whose steel axle rotating in an extremely close tolerance bushings on a short special rubber strap. More than five thousandths of a millimeter variation will not tolerate T + A, which is why the bearing without oil filling runs extremely quietly and easily. With oil filling the 3.8 kilogram heavy die-cast aluminium plate with silicone rubber pad takes indeed plenty of time until he is down to working height. If he then silently takes his turn working, the environment rests gently. Say: The wood inside built up from three different dense, laminated MDF layers remains acoustically dead.

Completely stress-free

You could not maintain 1260 now verily that R the representation of G. On the contrary, what the T + A which came first in full regalia-Turner brought there from the grooves, sounded very lively and agile. Many discs that are foreseen for the next vinyl special came on the plate. How about Joanna Newsoms beautiful 3-LP set “have one on me” (drag City). The times dreamy, even intricate sounds of singing harpist Crystal sparkled out of the speakers. The excellent spatial representation gave also the catchy Westcoast – / country-rock-“Pieces” of Manassas (Rhino) or the gaudy live rock by EROC (Sireena) enough air. The precise timing in turn benefited small occupied Jazz sessions such as the “tribute” of Keith Jarrett trio (ECM) or the explosive Mono Cannonades of Lionel Hampton Quartet (speakers corner).

Occupied large orchestras, as for example the conductor Charles Mackerras for the “Pineapple Poll” from pieces of Arthur Sullivan (speakers corner) arranged but also the limits of the Ortofon 2 M bronze became apparent: A Benz ACE (AUDIO 2/09) peeled from the Groovy whimsical horns sets even more details, the orchestral percussion were more drive. That the drive arm Combi G 1260 could encourage these differences between a good and an excellent pickup for days R / Rega RB 300, but alone, speaks for their class. Great class proved the Phon East age PH-G 10 in any case. With their strong precision and strict neutrality she proved worthy of reference classes. The exact a spotting of the installation portion is reserved for a separate test.

But here the PH-G 10 fit seamlessly in a great work of art. With great pleasure, the hearing panel once again enjoyed the flowing sound paintings of Mendelssohn’s “Calm sea and prosperous voyage” on the AUDIO-double-LP ‘ vinyl masters “. Like a few plates Leno of its price class, the T + A left 1260 R immerse the listener G into the warm waves of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. I’m glad to see that you must not wait until Christmas on this analog happiness hormone boost.


Three large litters succeed T + A with the G 1260 R. Because the desire model from Herford is convincing in all three variants. My special recommendation applies the trio with pickups and Phon East age. Here the customer can go definitely wrong.

T + A G 1260 R + Ortofon 2M bronze

Manufacturer T + A
Price €2200.00
Rating 100.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions: B: H: 44.0 x 14.0 x T: 39.0 cm
Weight: 12.0 kg
Color Silver, black
Speeds 33 1 / 3, 45 rpm
Construction shock absorbing feet
Height-adjustable feet
Speed conversion electronic
Tone arm height adjustment
Speed regulator
Pitchregulierung during playback
Drive Round belts
Shut-off No
Measured values
Speed deviation 0.05%
Tracking rated 0.083
Measuring record 74 dB
Rumble noise coupler 81 dB
Power consumption standby 3.5 W
In every respect successful players
Sound outstanding (100 points)
Sound judgment well over 100
tested in issue: 6 / 10