Turn Handbag into Backpack

Ladies, you’ve certainly already met him. One of the flagship of the women models and who need to have hands free and available. Very smart like system and simple to use, the handbag / backpack is a bag that will be very practical for modern, urban women. With more and more women, so it is an accessory that will make you an indispensable service to help with many tasks.

So what is this revolutionary idea?

It is a real concentrate of very simple ingenuity but that revolutionizes the way you wear your accessory with your daily business without changing the bag! With longer handles and one side of the bag adapted to do this.

miraculous change, you will have a two model into one that will be ideal to no longer change the bag in your many activities. He is doing so with the straight handles directly on the shoulder. When you put the handles in Crusaders, he can then go back without change of bag. This principle initially used by the military to transport heavy loads and be more flexible, has been adapted to fashion bags for woman.

How did become so popular?

Very widely used since he received a very strong popularity in the early 2000s with some models that have been taken over by ready-to-wear brands. Indeed, it is once again thanks to the podium that new models of bags were able to emerge in the field of leather goods. This popularity is didn’t delay as we saw later that even many stars have adopted, thus making the front page of the tabloids of large presses people.

What are the benefits of such a bag?

They are many! Indeed, you won’t need to switch your business when you change activities. It will allow you to take your business in a single bag and simply change the connection of the handles. Most of the time, the handles are adjustable and can be adjusted to your shoulder size but for this model simply to settle once and for all and play with the straps to change mode. Easy to use and quick to make the change, the widest handles are more comfortable to wear on the back while the finer are ideal for wearing to the shoulder.

You know, it is easier to wear on the back of heavy loads: so it’s definitely an advantage that should convince you to adopt it if you happen to have to carry heavy objects. If you often use your hands for reasons that are personal, you can easily adopt it to manage this passage in force. It is ideal to get fancy and dressed on one side and make you a huge service once on your back. The versatility of this type of bag is therefore a unique advantage that you will not encounter many other types of bag for woman.

Who the handbag / backpack is best?

Hand carried bag is more chic and will give you a more casual air while taking it back gives you the ease of having vacant arms. It should be so perfect for women who have a double life. An active professional life very sharp on one side and a life more accessible in order to put the bag on the shoulder of the other. If you often take public transit, you certainly don’t wear anything back to pickpockets.

However there is not to worry too much with this type of backpack, indeed the straps intersect to form additional security in addition to the zipper of the main pocket.Remember that public transit are places that frequented and malicious people will be more tempted if your bag is easy to access. You need to be extra vigilant if you see that your bag contains valuables in your back!

A type of bag ideal for travelling by bicycle

However if you take the Vélib, that’s a real advantage to choose for your travel, you can easily change the posture of your bag and wear it as well on the back. It’s a real advantage for those who have understood that this type of bag was win a crazy time in the time management in a week.

Similarly, it is worth recalling that it is one of the most used models by young mothers who need to take care of their offspring while keeping their essential belongings. It may therefore be very discreet when you need to release the arms you quickly.

As you can see, it is essential for all women who have several lives in one. The convertible backpack bag is the accessory that will accompany you in all your travels. More visible in the inner cities, it is the intelligent mode tool who will understand you in the intense moments of your daily annoyances. Try it it is actually to adopt: your travel patterns will be disrupted.