Trendy Round Glasses

You’ll understand that this summer, the trend is to round glasses. We see everywhere on the net, on the nose, even Prince has emerged glasses he wore in Purple Rain. In short, we say it takes them to the circle but stuck to the face, it looks difficult to wear. Think again, these models are much more morphologies you might think. Everything you need to adopt the trend round glasses, here it is …

Trend round glasses: who are you?

Contrary to what one might think, the round glasses go with a lot of people. The first should try are those with a square face. The curves soften the angular side of your features, the trend round glasses becomes an asset. Small precision all the same, if you have the face and square face, choose round glasses XXL, they are arch tendency and compensate with the shape of your face. Here is a selection of round glasses Extra large class … Too!

Those with oval faces can also yield to the tendency round glasses. This is the face shape more ‘standard’ and behold, the one that can all afford. Super easy to choose sunglasses or view: you are spoiled for choice.

If you like things simple just type in the classic and sober colors. Black suits everyone and goes with everything, brown hues too. Here are some models classic look I selected especially for you …

For women who have a round face, I’m sorry girls, but you are the only ones for whom these sunglasses are prohibited. The reason is simple, the round of the round, it will not.I’ll repeat the joke you head to Toto but I could. However, if you really like, but really this style, I found a small compromise that might please you: a balance between the square and the circle. The glass is round but the top of the frame is square. It is right between the two, as always in the trend. Here are the models I found:

For the daughters of the air, the extravagant, those not afraid of anything, it ends beautifully with extra-ordinary glasses. Not extraordinary in the sense of “wow, too beautiful,” extraordinary in the literal sense, extraordinary what!

That said, if you do well, it is quite possible to bring some of them intelligently. The question is whether you dare trend round sunglasses this summer? Anyway, now you have all the keys to successfully carry it!

The small board that is good: There was a blockage with round glasses because of the 80/90 years when the small metal circular glasses had made a comeback. They were found in all colors and … what it has not aged! You will not have this problem with today’s trend is much more chic. If you really look afraid of John Lennon, avoid metal frames and those who can not above the eyebrow. This is a good landmark. Follow the example of Prince, his round glasses he wore in XXL Purple Rain (1984) have not aged a bit. Yet they are in mirror fashion … like what!