Trends in Handbags and Neckties 017 Ss

Hi people! Today from bags and ties you have the latest trends that exist for this spring-summer for our two fetish accessories, tie and bag!

Bags that mad will return to women this year are:


Bags type saca. This comfortable basket with a retro feel that can load all freshness and elegance. In our case, we bring you one pink with a kerchief of silk-like charmbag, ideal for this spring.

Mini Bag-Xs:

A bag mini as cuqui, it is without a doubt the King of Spring-Summer and we bring you some incredible inspired by Valentino designs!

I am sure that not be able to resist them! Like Givenchy, Valentino, Hermes… join us!


Like the draw but a stylish bombonera , that will be great for this summer, ideal for a stroll through the port or a day at the beach. Do you have one?


The belts are timeless companions who were our fathers of trip or contact us tour… They have always been there, and are now back on your side more glamorous to complete our looks.


Bags large , even with style “shopping basket”, fill the shop windows. They are comfortable to carry all our secrets.


Basic for any party, event, or special dinner. Needed in the bottom of Cabinet, above all square, and this year if they have sparkles and beads better what better!!! This SS are all the rage according to PREORDERHANDBAGS.COM.

B & C we bring you beads and glitter that you may be fashionable!

Shoulder Bags And Saddle Bags:

Along with mini bags say they are the next in the list of Its, mainly with the rounded shape, and as not withhandle circular Chloe or Dior style.

We are “in love” with the shoulder bags, and we bring you some stunning. A shoulder strap is a simple imperative comfortable and elegant. The chic and basic complement to your outfit.

And now that you know the styles for the SS, don’t forget that it carried Glitters, sequins and colors such as: red, blue, pink, yellow, white, black… no doubt this spring will see a store full of joy! You impatient?

And despite focusing on the bags, we have to highlight other complements ITS season, the hair charmbag !You don’t take them, do not think so, because you can use it up to keychain…

The ornaments in the bag are fashionable and certainly are a great complement. It will be an amazing touch in a daring bag and original for one of the basic drop.

And as the hair was the madness of winter, it comes up to the heat! How? in footwear, primarily sandals and loafers, a style of chic for your feet, let yourself go!

The Boys And Accessories…

The strong colors are the IT for any bag in kids. which was more seen in gateway are the shopper, or theshoulder straps, and as no backpacks. Available in variety of colors and with many finishes such as: glare, tacks, stripes, prints, different handles… The handles! This famous dash for 2017, an original handle that makes an outfit, a different bag handle

Tendency and personality!

In boys, as we have already said is previous post, will be crucial as the prints and patterns bold, all fun.Camouflage is a basic this season, a style military . Also stripes or pictures, and as not the King of spring,flowers! So move all this to the ties!

Ties are always full of color, with funprints, floral inspirations, and even retro styles.

A friendly hipster that doesn’t go away thanks to look vintage neckties. It is obvious that we will always have the basic to any day, but certainly this year the subtlety is not…

We offer several in one of the colors IN this spring, the Orange. That color that is mixed with red and gets a sort of tone russet or red shrimp. It is perfect to convey energy and warmth.

You will of course show some basic which are unconditional for the whole year, and that will serve you for the day to day or for a special evening. Black tones, pictures, blue navy, green and classic prints… etc

For the more daring we we do not forget the roseand it is giving this year as in boys than in girls. It is the main point of a showcase.

Not forgetting of course, of the tones Blues or Greens that obviously, also you will see on our website! jiji

We are addicted to the trends and give our own way, so we just thought in that you know them.

This year another fundamental for the boy will be hats and above all the visors, a lifetime Cap. The look“sport-chic” , something designed and controlled, but with a casual air.

Nor forget the sandals, this year are strips. They are also basics sneakers, sneakers or boots.

And that said chic@s, see you in a few days in another post of bags and ties, this time with something very special… what?

We invite you to see the new collection the week coming, and to take advantage of the last hours of sales on the web.