Trends for Autumn Winter Bags

If you stop to think of an indispensable accessory the woman certainly the bag will enter the top of the list, this in addition to valuing the look, is still very useful to carry our little things, which can be many.
The purse is so fundamental that for every occasion one comes into action, has to day to day, others for a walk, for a party or formal event,… anyway, whatever the occasion or style is difficult to see an unaccompanied woman of a bag.

The news on the exchanges are increasingly constant, with each new season they appear in new tones, new materials, in order to meet our expectations, which are never few, by the way.

So, let’s go to the news previously announced at SPFW-São Paulo Fashion Week and NYFS-New York Fashion Week, for the fall winter seasons 2014.

Among the handbags that most appeared in these two events were the handbags such as wallet purse, clutches, and models that look quite like executive briefcases, which add to the look charm and elegance.

Clutch for Women

Among the colors that stood out was the black, common and darling of cooler times, neutral tones-white, gray, nude and in some cases red, blue and yellow, as an alternative to hotter days, even in these seasons, Brazil Is a tropical country, so these variations and possibilities are very common.

The fall winter 2014 comes with very sophisticated and elegant accessories, with brilliance and texture they achieve at first glance.

But the scholarships for these seasons are not limited to those cited, these will be the most common and they were announced, however, the scholarships must meet the personal taste of each. Then, surely we will see through the catwalks of life bags maxi, mini, casual, formal, sophisticated, and so on.

Always follow your style, and use what you really like, that’s the most important, feel good and wonderful. See you soon!