Trends for a Spring Manicure

For this spring and summer 2014, several are manicure trends that can be seen, so you can show your feet and hands; know which are the following.

Multicolored Manicure:multicolor manicure is a striking way to match the colors on your nails, especially with your clothes, where you can choose from a wide range of colors, from classic shades to pastel tones, as used in the summer, and they’re spreading widely.

Color French Manicure:is a manicure that you can perform with primaverais colors and flashy, where each nail can be painted a different color, with a transparent color; use colors like Fuchsia, blue, mauve, or yellow, or you can choose pastel colors. If you wish, you can put a detail on one of your nails, to break the monotony.

Manicure in gradient:This manicure intends to create the sensation of color degradation, i.e. changes progressively intensity or tom, and better will be the results the greater the contrast. You can use two or more colors.

Manicure with variations of the same color tone:is a species of color degradation, but instead of being on the same nail is made in all the nails, in such a way that the first will be the clearest and the last, the darker, so that your nails, take intermediate colors, each nail is painted in a shade of the same color from light to dark.

Manicure nail art:manicure nail art In the nails with flowers, polka dots, geometric motifs or other designs of your choice, either to make them print plates exist, which is a simple and easy way to make your drawings, to achieve an attractive finish.