Trend: Invasion of Butterflies!

The print of the summer will be butterflies. They’re already in macaws or wandering around thanks to the Valentinho collection launched for your fall 2016. The pattern soon became hit all over the world and fashionistas like Alexa Chung, Blake Lively, Miroslova A and many other already secured his pieces stuffed with these butterflies.

For the collection of Valentino, the butterflies have gained another name, Camu Butterfly a rereading of classical decorative pattern Valentino Camouflage, a camouflage print used in the collection of 2015. Handbags, shoes, trench coats, dresses … Everything you can imagine, will be covered by the multicolored wings of our butterfly’s.

They were depicted in maxi prints and more delicate versions too. With dark background or clearer. The diversity makes it difficult to choose the template that may end up revealing that you want to hide it. To assemble the look – which I’m sure will win our beloved versions inspired – caution should be looking at the size of the print, when it is too large, visually increases the proportion of the body. And no one here wants that right girls!

Now the idea is to inspire and not be afraid to use this pattern that has everything to become a hit.