TrekStor Smartphone in the Practice Test

The first Smartphone of the storage specialist shows good approaches. However, he can not persuade resistive touch screen.

TrekStor mixes with your Smartphone simply referred phone now in the Telecommunications market. The name says it, because as the operating system, Android does his duty in version 2.1. This and the resistive, so pressure-sensitive touch screen in the somewhat scanty 2.8 inch format make the Smartphone also actually a Smartphone.

However, the display of the TrekStor also equal the greatest shortcoming is. The appearance is slightly pixelated and angle-dependent, the handle of the pop-up typewriter keyboard are also quite small. To serve these still reasonably well, the TrekStor is home to an extendable stylus on his back. The responsiveness of the touch screen is not on the amount of time.

Outwardly like 159 euro cheap phone with a pleasant, rounded at the edges form factor, a pleasing look in black or white and a more than ordinary processing. Creaking noises were only wantonly to elicit the TrekStor, and also the clearances of the casing and the 11 Hardkeys move in the usual area. The latter offer even well defined pressure points.

The lush edge between the keys of the telephone and the three sensor handles for menu, back and options below the display, however, is not quite optimal in terms of operating ergonomics. Here, already exact objectives is required to operate the TrekStor.

A surprise is there in the modified Android user interface of the Smartphone: Here you can access on 15 home screens right and equip them with program shortcuts. The home screens can be either by fingers or using the five-way controller very easily exchanged. The latter turned out to be in practice a much faster version. A bar with five fields at the bottom of the screen provides a quick call of important functions such as main menu, news, telephony, and contacts.

The operating speed of the Android Smartphone is generally not quite as fast as when some competitors, yet the TrekStor can be here only slightly guilty. For some applications, the combination of limited memory and the 600-MHz processor is slightly undersized. It looks different in the facilities of the Smartphone, which comes with the download accelerator position sensor, HSDPA, WI-FI and GPS.

In addition, is also the main menu filled and provides a file manager, Documets to go for the rendering of Office documents, practical function servo search and Wi-FI tethering with the TrekStor serving as a hot spot for other equipment. Matching with one Exchange Server manages more than two RoadSync applications. Beim surfing the Web but once again turns the display as a major shortcoming, because with just 240 x 320 pixels resolution must very much scrolling the user.

Images, or rather the Trekstore with a 3.2-megapixel camera captures snapshots. A single LED brings some light to dark conditions, lacking an auto focus. The music player to the Android standard, however, the headphone jack is quite impractical bottom of the Smartphone and the included headset can not convince sonically. Last but not least, an FM radio starts stations off the air.

All in all offers practical facilities and a successful user interface the Trekstore Smartphone. Only the display can not convince. This is actions at a high level but at the competitive price of 159 euros.