Trash the Dress Locations: Locations for the Shoot

Trash the dress-trash the dress should be part of your wedding, lacking only appropriate locations? Several suitable places determined no problem, can be found in your environment. Simply choose a location itself, which is placed at the least with a happy couple in connection.

Trash-the-dress-locations: Locations for the shoot

Who is bored by the same, as idyllic locations for classic wedding photography, comes at a trash the dress shoot at his own expense. Many places are suitable for the creative photo shoot. It is particularly effective if you catch bad weather for your photos.

Locations in contrast to the classic wedding Idyll

If you are looking for suitable location for your own trash-the-dress event, a traditional Hochzeitsfotoshooting front up mentally first run: usually, the bride and groom in a most friendly and at the same time romantic setting will be presented. Often, the shootings in nature, on a green meadow, a tranquil pond or a playful water case take place. The Sun is shining, almost the viewer at the sight of the pictures hear singing of the birds. Perfect locations for a trash the dress are the exact opposite: the places are dark, like even a little scary-the bride represents a stark contrast in her white dress ideally with their surroundings.

Trash the dress: ideas for a suitable environment

An abandoned factory Hall is an ideal location of for a photo shoot à la trash the dress-any broken window panes in the wedding photo of a special kind can be integrated, perhaps there are even rubble and a thick layer of sand on the floor. May be located near your also a building made of dark stones or an abandoned ruin? Such places are the ideal locations for your trash the dress shoot on a rather gloomy day without sunshine. Nature also works well: maybe you are quite brave and drift with wedding dress in the water of a stream?

Not only the location, the weather plays a role

Classic wedding photos are often in bright sunshine-woe, Peter makes you a stroke by the Bill on the big day. You do not have this pressure in trash the dress. On the contrary: A bride in the pouring rain offers a great opportunity for a trashiges wedding portrait. You might find yourself even some mud or wet leaves as great photo accessories. Combine your wedding dress with umbrella or rubber boots to make unforgettable pictures-there are no limits to the ideas for creative images. Snow is an excellent backdrop: you provide the best still a strong colour contrast so that white dress and snow not to boring. Select, for example, bright red shoes and a colorful wool scarf.