Transparent Clothing Trend

From London to Milan, transparency was clearly noticeable on the podiums of the coming spring. Certainly, the nipples HARLOTS, it has always existed but this year, the trend seems to prevail and redeem themselves a dignity. Give him his chance.

After the big mesh of winter, it seems that our friends designers have wanted extreme lightness… The muslin was the obvious choice and with it a certain lack of opacity… We guess, you see, sometimes even the tétés and the panties. Of course, no way for us to play the bold by adopting the word trend. It holds the essential and the rest well… This is garbage.

Take or leave

Stick the top, dress and blouse, the easier to wear parts. For the first, we put on the spirit old lingerie diverted and that we do not hesitate to add. For the shirt, which is already more sophisticated, choose for example a model a bit strict and retro (with plastron, Ruffles, sleeves lamb…) to wear a little blousant, returned in a skirt high waist or short shorts and the Spartans. Finally Ray dress, we are moving toward a model with Ruffles, which multiplies the floors of veil or tulle and suggested without ever really showing. Side wash out, it is unclear the pants inspired by the harems (did I need to specify – Princess Jasmine cannot better wear) and take station to skirt: transparency seeming, in this case, most often sustained (seen, I had not seen him, or the panties that stain, the return).

Soft colors

Perhaps to soften the look potentially pouffirisant of shamelessness, we put on wise and chic colors (white, pastel) and the evening is reserved black, sexy.


(How is it, that Word!)

The right transparent but the modesty, way no. bombing. We keep our dignity and we opt for a sophisticated and well thought-out look: here, the accumulation of layers is required (a little transparent + a little transparent = more truly transparent) and the basics come into action. We think: Camisole tone on tone, skin and even leggings for the fiercest second lingerie.

The bad idea

Mold! Transparency-in any case this summer-is ample and vaporous. We like her aerial, floating in the wind (ouha, it’s beautiful what I say) and especially not mold-buttocks at the risk of seem like a chagasse in search of Fame! We forget: the tube dress in transparent jersey (despite him, due to excessive stretching on the posteriale area), the total look Gothic lace (good, unless you’re goth, there is ‘ a prescription for a long time) and the detail that kills, lingerie that entices and seeks to be seen (in total disagreement with the chic, fragile to adopt style).