Toys And Gifts Minions Every Child Who Is A Fan Will Love It!

The Minions movie is rocking in theaters and the little ones are delighted with these fun little cards!

See days of gifts and toys of this character that the children love.

The Minions

The Minions were so successful in the My Evil Favorite franchise that they won an entire movie just for them.

And of course your little one already had to be loving the “darlings” of the moment.As you already know we always make special posts here telling  tips of gifts and toys of the characters that the children love.

Toys And Gifts Minions

1-Minions Dolls

Of course the first gift a child wants from his or her favorite character is the doll or doll.

The Dave Doll with Rocket Laucher at, is approximately 12 inches tall. Pressing his pocket he moves his eyes and mouth. Snap the dart on the rocket launcher, squeeze the trigger to shoot.

2-Kids Babush Plugt Kids Minions Googles

With a mission to promote comfort and lightness, Plugt created this Babuche Kids Minions Googles.

The footwear has elements that guarantee stability in the steps, such as the non-slip sole and anatomical insole, which massage their internal nodes while the child walks.

Minions print, very cheerful, will leave the look fun and colorful for the day to day.For sure this is a briquetted Minions that every child will love.

3-Minions Duvet

The Minions Collection quilt is beautiful and fun! It shines in the dark and illustrates the most beloved and disastrous yellow characters. In shades of blue it has a stamp of the adorable beings doing scientific experiments in the laboratory of the sweet and evil villain Gru.

It is ideal to warm and decorate the room of boys who love adventures and have a good laugh. A gift Minions that makes success, because it decorates the child’s room!

4- Play Doh My Favorite Evil Mad Creations

Create your own personalized Minion with all sorts of disguises you imagine! Put Play-Doh in 1 book- mold to shape a basic Minion figure (one eye, two eyes or evil, of course.)

Then disguise and customize with 6 different license plates including maid, golf And accessories. Try different colors and combinations to make the most originalMinions ever!

With this Minions toy, your little one will have lots of fun!

5-Minions Rectangular Painting Case

Minions Painting Suitcase, 100% personalized and with all the necessary material so that the children can develop the creativity and the imagination creating and coloring beautiful drawings.

6-Malwee Minions Blouse

Hooded sweater, made of comfortable cotton pullover with polyester. It features long sleeves, Minions frontal print and bald collar. To warm your kitten this winter.

7- Backpacks Minions

Nothing better than studying with your favorite character! With this beautiful Xeryus Backpack, the children will carry their school supplies safely and comfortably.

It is made of 100% polyester material, has internal compartments, adjustable straps, zipper closure, two divisions, side pockets, metal handles and custom handle.

8-Mini Mp3 Minions

This gift can please little kids. MP3 with Memory Card Input and FM Radio New and high quality.

9-Guitar Minions

Toyng’s Children’s Guitar will make the play more lively. With beautiful design and various ways to play.

Contains 06 Minion theme songs to liven up the kids as well as developing Motor skills.

10-Lunch Box Minions

Properly organize your children’s food with the Max Toy Lunch Box.

Made in EVA and polyester is highly resistant, super light and features telescopic handle and hand strap.

Snack time will be much more enjoyable for your children!