Toy is a Serious Thing

Posted by Dog citizen in January 5, 2015-

Biting, chewing, RIP, sniff, find, discover, scratch, Hunt and Chase. These behaviors are natural in dogs, cats and other animals we have at home. And, like all natural behavior, the critters feel the need to act in these ways. The role of each tutor is to offer ways to meet these needs, without the animal hurt people or himself and without spoiling the objects in the House.

That’s where the toys. They can provide many mental and physical stimuli so that the pets have their natural behaviors, but directed toward objects that are specific to this purpose.

The toys are so important that many animals can develop behavioral problems by the lack of them. So, we must offer these stimuli for animals of all ages.

Check out what are the fundamental care before offering toys to your pet:

-Identify the characteristics of the species and breed, in addition to the limitations and your pet’s individual tastes.

-An animal that doesn’t play needs to be stimulated by us. It passes the value toy and this form of interaction according to Shoppingpicks.

-Choose toys with different characteristics have a greater variety of stimuli.

-Search on the brand, the quality and the opinions of professionals specializing in animal behavior on the toy.

-There are more economical ways to produce a toy. You can use pet bottles, cardboard boxes, ropes etc. But it takes a lot of care and supervision to not offer something that the animal can swallow or get hurt.

-Make a toy Caster. Have an amount that you can let your animal with some and others stay safe. Then, as the days went by, go substituting for always new to the pet.

-If you have more than one animal at home, be careful not to be contests for toys. You can tie toys at fixed points separated so that none of the pets take possession of them. If the case is complicated, you can count on the help of a professional.

Stimulate your pet with toys. They are essential and they become excellent tools to educate, entertain, stimulate the mind, spending energy and keep your pet healthy. So, good joke!