Touratech iBracket

Accessory specialist Touratech is first stop for bikers, when it comes to upgrades such as exhaust, transport containers and benches for the motorcycle. Because the field of navigation with motorcycle riders is always more in the coming, you will find the appropriate equipment at Touratech consequently also.

A particularly extravagant part from this category is the Touratech iBracket. The name gives it away already – it has probably something to do with an Idevice from the House of Apple. More taken with the iPhone 3 G and 3GS. For these two models, the Touratech acts namely iBracket as a mount for the motorcycle or bicycle.

The iBracket costs a whopping 100 euros. But alone the first grab test gives one the feeling of having invested his money well. Precisely milled stainless steel makes the rest of the main part of the construction, some plastic, foam and yellow elastics. The items are processed perfectly with each other. No wobbling, no game – the bracket just exudes robustness. Nevertheless you caught up in the thoughts “and there should I get pinch now my iPhone? Can I trust a 1000 Euro Mobile a steel rubber plastic construction?”

The vise

Yes you can! The mechanism works as follows: it is laying the lever on the bottom left. The mechanism at the back pushes away the four retaining gussets affiliated Centre. You can insert easily the iPhone – foam and plastic elements prevent scratches. Then the lever again to kill and the iPhone sits like a Vice!

Two adapters are included – one for 12 mm additional bridges/mounting adaptor for motorcycles and one the iBracket for handlebars with a diameter of 22 millimetres. There is also an adapter for the well-known RAM mounts with ball joint. Various adapter and holder aides suggest between 25 and 115 euros (special holder for BMW K1200GT) record. You will find a stable place on the motorcycle or bike most definitely. The installation is done – between a few minutes up to a maximum half an hour depending on the adapter and motorcycle.

Between plate and bracket construction can be found damping elements to keep vibrations as possible from the iPhone. The construction has still a highlight at hand: you can rotate the bracket just to 90 degrees. A snap point maintains the construct in the position. As such can be used horizontally but also vertically a Navi app on the iPhone.

Navigation and sports apps will be probably the main purpose of the combined iPhone/iBracket. We have made us with the iBracket on a travel tour he machine on the way – navigation app in the attack. As mentioned above, inserting the iPhone works quite easily and the last doubts about the stability vanish quickly. Rough roads make nothing of the construction. Normal vibration hardly penetrate to the display – which can be subject to somewhat by mounting on the motorcycle and motorcycle even. Whilst on the move and with gloves you can easily change the orientation of the bracket.

Advantages and disadvantages

Who has already gained experience with “normal” Navis on the motorcycle, knows the problem. No stability or vibration make to create, but the extreme sensitivity of the displays to brightness. The appearance so drastically in contrast, you can see almost nothing loses average sunlight. Not the case with the iPhone. His touch screen though, is but far less sensitive to brightness. Even in full sunlight, we could read the display still well in the test.

This is necessary, because there is a small design flaws: the holding corner hides the headphone jack. Even smallest Plug does not get fit. And the instructions through the built-in speaker of the iPhone are listening not to the motorcycle. Only a Bluetooth headset can help. Then, the iPhone battery is faster empty but. Because already the Navi app, GPS reception and the permanently on display sucking vigorously on the power reserves. After 20 minutes, about 20% of the battery capacity were then at the test. Probably, the motorcycle driver, who owns a vehicle receptacle. Not uncommon in modern touring motorcycles luckily. The iBracket allows enough space for the power connector on the bottom of the iPhone.

For these two shortcomings, you can remedy. You must however inevitably have to put two disadvantages compared with the usual Motorradnavis. Wearing gloves, you can not however control the capacitive touchscreen. In the State, and without gloves iPhone in the iBracket can be however manage without restrictions. Disadvantage number two: You should read the weather report. Rain is not over the iPhone may, because the bracket offers no protection. Fast stop and iPhone store is then announced. A propos protection: Before a long journey you should think about a protector for the back of the iPhone. At some points the iBracket permits, namely free for flying creatures. Again drivers of rice touring motorcycles are off the hook – a large windshield is just amazing.


Who his iPhone as a Motorcycle navi would like to use, finds a stable Mount for the iBracket. Also on the bike, the Apple phone that makes a good figure. However, the iBracket Touratech will rather take his friends with travel coach drivers. As with conditions such as on-board socket and windshield of the combined iPhone/iBracket’s life with the comfortable. A Bluetooth headset for the helmet is no longer a rarity for this clientele. You need that too, because normal headphones are off limits and over the loudspeaker means nothing on the drive. You will be rewarded with a high-contrast appearance even in full sunlight.

A mount for brand new iPhone 4 is in the making.