Top Tips for Relaxation

We all have a certain amount of stress in our lives and sometimes we are so busy that we forget ourselves. Therefore it is so important to take time for herself sometimes and relaxation. Sometimes it’s good to just do nothing, to think of himself, and enjoy. Doing nothing can be harder than you think, so we’ve listed some things you can do to be able to relax as much as possible.

Relax, take it easy!

1. Walk

The first advice we would give is to pull on sports clothes and start the day with a walk. A bit of exercise and fresh air is never wrong. If you are on vacation, be sure to take a walk before everyone else has woken up when you still can only hear the wind and the sound of the waves.

2. Make lists

To avoid having thousands of thoughts in your head can lists be an easy trick. I would not make lists, I would certainly forget half of what I had intended to arrange.If you also made the list, it is much easier to be organized and immediately start with what you had planned to do that day.

3. music

Put on your favorite music, sit back, press play and relax! Listen to music on / in a place you feel safe and relaxed. It may be on the lawn, in the bedroom or why not on the ocean.

4. The phone

We know it’s hard, but it’s for your own good! Not only will it help you focus more on yourself, you will feel an incredible peace of mind. Put down the phone at least once a day in a place where you can not see or hear it and we promise that it will not distract or rush you.

5. Read a book

Read a book! But with book we mean not an e-book, but a real physical book. Is there anything better than to lie down in a quiet place at sunset or perhaps wearing pajamas on the couch with a good book? Do not think it eh!

6. Spa-dag

Va someone said spa ?! Relax in the sauna, let thoughts run free in the hot tub or treat yourself to a massage. Absolutely one of the best ways for total relaxation! Check out the best spa set in Sweden!

7. Meditation

Meditation may not be for everyone but for some it fits really perfect. Meditation can help you relax and release thoughts. It need not be an hour, it is enough to make it in 10 minutes. You do not know quite how to do a good trick you to search Youtube for meditation clip.

8. Chocolate

Who said that chocolate is not good? Dark chocolate has actually proven to reduce stress.