Top Spring Summer Fashion Trends

The winter weather should not prevent people from looking ahead. For it is soon – according to the calendar if nothing else – time to spring, and that means new trends and colors. In this blog post, the spring and summer trends are talked about, so you can be well dressed for the – hopefully – good and long summer.

Top Spring Summer Fashion Trends

But before looking ahead, look back last year first. It is not all the trends from the past year that deserves to be thrown out to the right – and some of the same colors and trends go again this year. So what characterized last year and what you may want to keep in your wardrobe a bit yet?

Trends that continue from last year

If you follow a little with the men’s ripe, it can be difficult to form a continuous overview. Last year was certainly no exception, and there came many new trends to the world, as a modem could experiment and romp with other. Here the store keeps an eye on men’s fashion – so that a wide and delicious selection is offered to you. It’s about something of a changing world.

The fact is, fortunately so, in men’s fashion, that there are some trends and expression that never goes out of fashion. If you are one of those young men who like to dress up nicely – but have given up trying to follow every trend, and do not have a huge selection of the latest colors, then something has to be told to you that the classic and simple style never goes out of fashion. If you have a fine selection of jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts – then you will in any case never be totally unfashionable. Personal style is, after all, to find its own expression, and develop the part of men’s fashion, as just you think about.


Keep the boots

The last few years winter boots had established itself as a part of women’s fashion, and it is definitely something people think about here. If you have a few nice winter boots, then you can certainly keep them some time yet. They’re even ideal as the weather is behaving right now – and a pair of boots fit well into most people’s clothing style indeed.

There are really great potential in a pair of boots. You can now find a ton of different models from all the famous brands here. The type of boots you choose is of course to create a total look, and whether you’re into lumberjack shirts or suits, you can complement your look with a pair of boots.


Keep the blazer

It has never been unfashionable to own a gorgeous blazer – and it will be probably not. Last year one could find many examples of blazers in plaid and wool, which created a little variation and renewal to the classic, black blazer.

If you had invested in a blazer in plaid or wool, then you should definitely keep it in the wardrobe – and if you didn’t get, bought one, so you can happily reach it yet. One of the favorites are one brand, who right now can be obtained at the spot price. A good tip is to keep the rest of your outfit very simple when you have a wool blazer. Here you can take advantage of thinking in light jeans, white shirts and – of course – boots.


Keep the patterned shirt

Last year is characterized largely by patterns and colors – and it can only delight the adventurous young men. One of the trends, was the great interest in shirts with exciting colors and patterns. A patterned shirt can add a little extra edge to a compatible outfit, and it is an exciting way of expressing themselves.

If you love patterned shirts at this site, then apply the same rule of thumb as by wool blazer. Keep your outfit simple and let the patterned shirt complement your style in a tasteful way. If you have time for too many patterns and colors, you’ll easily look sloppy. Let the patterned shirt come into its own, by toning down the rest of the vehicle.

It was a fast review of the trends and clothing parts. You are welcome to add comments.


Trends this year

Now in good conscience, look a little ahead. It must be about the trends in the spring and summer. A sophisticated and integrated picture of the spring and summer trends will be offered.


The first thing you need to hear a little of, blogger and connoisseur Nicolai Klingenberg. Nicolai stands back, where you can read about everything from cool cars to gourmet cuisine. Nicolai Klingenberg, inter alia: has interviewed real estate agent Jeppe K as well as countless, well-dressed men.

Do you have a bet on what kind of style you are going to see in the streets this year?

Hopefully a lot personally. Just because “something” is nicely on a catwalk, then it’s not safe, it fits all. Copy + paste looks can easily be a boring game. People put their own stamp on the proceedings. It can be the very small details that make the big difference. It can be an inherited watch, cufflinks, a vintage tie or a special “pin” to unbutton the hole. The latter can be anything that has relevance for a hobby, job, or some family-related. Headwear in the form of caps or hats can also be an absolute functioning dot on the cake.

If you had to give one piece of advice for readers, about which piece of clothing to buy now and here – what would it be?

It must be a half-casual blazer. It can be used for virtually anything; nice pants, jeans, chinos and even shorts. It can be worn over a shirt. With a shirt may furthermore be borne with bowtie or tie. And if it is informal, the sleeves can easily get a turn-ups.


The blogger

The next, is a blogger and well-dressed, young man named Emil Braasch. Emil has the blog Emil Braasch, and blogger on everything from fashion to everyday things.

What colors do you think that you will see in the spring and summer?

Without hesitation, men are very conservative in their style. However, it is important to experiment until you find just the right clothes and the right color combinations.

Many men would like to be secure in their choice of clothes, and therefore chooses colors such as black, blue and gray. A color which has been lacking the last several years is green. Not a dark green, but a lighter green, and can imagine finally gets its entry on the fashion scene.

… and what colors do men absolutely stay away from?

It’s not about one should stay away from colors, but be more careful not to mix too many. Different colors are good, but it will be a true chaos with too many of them.

Team outfit in bright colors with good combinations – experiment with them!

Have you bid on what kind of style, you are going to see in the streets this year?

A more formal style is well on its way into the streetwear front. Such as blazers, like jackets, formal sneakers and very clean lines.

The sporty style is also very good!

If last year was characterized by much of print and motives, what comes so to characterize this year?

Characterized print last year really much, but the trend continues well into the new year. Another thing is about logos and statements which have filled very much in fashion.

In addition to this, the stripes will be a hit, as well as pastel and spectral colors.

If you had to give one piece of advice for readers, about which piece of clothing they should buy now and here – what would it be?

It’s probably the one thing many people will think is wildly strange, but right now  a knits or sweaters with turtlenecks is recommended. Many have enough bad associations with ugly knit sweaters from old people, but it’s really an item that has prevailed at the end!


Purchasing agent

The last thing, Martin. Martin is the purchaser here, and it is he who makes sure that the selection is exciting and modern.

What colors do you think that you will see in the spring and summer?

The bottom, your jeans or shorts, are black – or generally just dark. It is also what people see in fashion now, where it is black on black, or black and white. However, muted colors at the top to spring, where the baltic print comes in assorted colors. For this top to be the shoes like to match in color, however, white sneaks will be large.

Have you bid on what kind of style, you are going to see in the streets this year?

A little more fresh colors in., and to get it to match will be a characteristic. T-shirt or shirt and shoes.People are becoming more and more conscious about what they would like to have, and people will be more willing to go in it a little crooked, so it’s a little more special, and thus dares to stand out.

If you had to give one piece of advice for readers, about which piece of clothing they should buy now and here – what would it be?

Buy a pair of black slim jeans. It will be a basic thing in your outfit, and a few you can always use. There a large selection of jeans here– and of course also in black or dark jeans. So if you are in doubt about where to purchase, come here.

It was the end of the inputs from three maxi dresses here and well-informed gentlemen. Do you have any comments on the above – and do you agree with the three young men? You are welcome to add comments.


The rest is up to you

So this is the end of this blog post – you will find inspiration for your next purchase. Here the wishes of customers will be satisfied, and  a wide selection of men’s fashion is offered. Now that you’ve gotten a bit inputs for the upcoming trends, the rest is up to you. Let yourself be inspired by contemporary trends, but together you own and completely personal style.