TOP 5 Maxi Necklaces

Came another TOP 5 video and today, I’m going to show my requests maxi favourite necklaces! Always use in videos and in looks, so I’m going to show some of them to inspire you and can find too!

Every day I am more basic looks, like a lot of fashion casual and contrasting with her, I just betting on most striking accessories to give an up in the final result. The maxi necklaces are a great alternative for those who do not want to break his head with the look and at the same time you want to look cool.

Among the hits of the moment are the precious stones, fringes, medals and even the acrylic. With such a variety of materials and finishes, is much easier to find one that has your guy! If you are talented in handiwork, you can venture out doing your own maxi necklace, there are many do it yourself tutorials on youtube and pinterest.

I think if I did one, it would end up all glued, with stonework on the forehead and chain in the hair hahaha, so I proposed to show the ones I bought, indicating my favourite shops to find these beauties. Tips on how to use?! From a maxi-stoned over a basic tshirt, one of my favourite versions, even around the closed collar of the shirt. Just use your creativity and give wings your imagination, your style!

Top 5 Maxi Necklaces

Maxi long necklace with Stone | Olook

Maxi Silver Fringe Necklace | House

Maxi Stone Necklace | Amaro

Maxi Tiger Necklace | Forever 21

Maxi Large Stone Collar | Topshop

Do you like it? What was your favourite? Let’s also Diquinhas of which top 5 you want to see here! See also my top 5 products for oily root and beauty tip on how to use clay and which is the best for you!

Kisses with Love,