Top 10 Essential Fashion Items

My 10 basic mode? I had never really thought about it and then at the bend of the Garance Doré blog, I wondered: if I had to choose in my wardrobe, essential 10 10 things, 10 clothing has put in the suitcase in my life, which would be? Answer:

  1. Firstly my bra because with my hat I’m going strictly anywhere without a good support. And, sorry for the myth, but I swear by models without
  2. frame type cross heart or even lingerie of the 1950s (but I have at least good taste to not take saumones ahah).
  3. Then my black hooded cape coat on a case where I would become a sort of super hero hidden, or, most certainly, get to attend libertines evenings… That’s also the most expensive I have in my closet so much make it profitable.
  4. A headband American Apparel body because that just makes me a playmate body.
  5. Very opaque black tights and so fatally 60 Marks & Spencer money.They are absolutely in-fi-lables and £ 8 set of 3, this is the deal of the century (his mother 15 years).
  6. Marcel somewhat loose white cotton because it is my basic and I wear almost every day, as well to hang out at home in the evening.
  7. A skater red miniskirt, a little size high, elastic at the waist and with some big pockets on the sides.
  8. A very large pair of black sunglasses, because it is sexy, classy and rock’n roll at a time.
  9. My black leggings H & M who will accompany me surely life: in winter under a dress, during pregnancy, in the gym and then later, when I get married, 2 children, and that I’ll wear blouses leopard and red leather mules…
  10. A pair of sandals, the Sandals because it is the only shoes I want to: have your toes in the air, it’s freedom.

10 Do anything funny or very extravagant because we dress up at home and there is nothing of better that get up in the morning, open his closet and see that beside the gray cardigan to take, we have a body of leopard, Golden shouldered over dress, a t-shirt “Jesus loves me” or a ugly (but still fantastic) Christmas sweater.

This is. As you can see I didn’t mention the panties, it seems that despite my thick collection (250 meter models), I have the sense of priorities. In the end, I realize by reading this list it looks like me more than expected: a lot of black, a lot of comfort and a cutting-edge show for show and kidding her. Now, if you have 10 minutes, I invite you to make yours your turn: what is your basic 10 mode? If you had 10 things to take in your closet, 10 things you wouldn’t spend you, it would be which?