Tonic Gym Wear

A lot of sweat into perspective for this new Fashion Fight musico-sportsman. When the Tecktonik confronts the Gym Tonic, heat in the Leotard! The settlement of account all expected (finally with me that’s at least one person) finally arrives! As usual, two opponents but one winner possible and it’s you who decides!

Gym Tonic

Gym Tonic, more than a sports program, it’s a State of mind (in his body, in his head), a ritual (one Sunday morning on Antenne 2) and a fantasy (Véronique and Davina in the shower or the absolute temptation of acrobatic sex). Strengths: thighs in reinforced concrete, advanced ultra combat techniques (demi-squat, step touch, etc.) and a mental strength that resists the worst trials (humiliation in public, stretch the adductors, mixture of sweat secretions, listening – in loop – Dance compilations…). In short, this is a discipline that hurt, certainly, but it’s for a good cause and smile! Choose Gym Tonic, is to say yes to aerobics and fitness, the pantyhose that fit into the buttocks and the friendly atmosphere of the high school – with Gerard option, for the port of towels and locker room gossip.

Visual American Apparel

Dress code: The centerpiece of the Gym Tonic look, it’s the body: a somewhat forgotten article but that could soon make his big comeback! See also, leggings lamés or more wisely, colored tights, who sublimate shapely calves and nice glutes. Upstairs, we opt for a t-shirt or tank top loose and a short-sleeved Hoodie, silkscreen or ultra colorful. Feet, we think all need to the Reebok Freestyle Rainbow and tirebouchonnees leggings. Finally, on the side of accessories, we love a shape duffel bag and headband headband to wear across the front. The total look is not exactly what does it more discreet, for every day we choose one or two items and diverted a look a little too classic to Gym Tonic kick.

Shopping legend: Leotard Domyos, La Redoute silver headband headband, bag foot cock Lucas of the mound, earrings star H & M, shirt ‘Active’ Mim, jump rope sport pink Domyos, H & M, pink headphones, WESC lame fuschia leggings and Freestyle collection Rainbow Reebok basketball.

A few tracks to follow: See the clip Physical Olivia Newton-John, listen to Gym Tonic of Bob Sinclar (with the voice of Jane Fonda sampled please), fantasize onCall it Me Eric Prydz and as a bonus track (for the fans) to afford the ring tone of the 118-218. Class…


The Tecktonik, more than a fashion in the course of recess, this is music (hntchunk-hntchunk-hntchunk-tcheuk-ntcheuck-tcheuk-ntcheuck-tcheukkk… Also called hardstyle-jumpstyle-techno-de-la-mort or even nan-mais-c’est-pas-bientot-fini-ce-bordel), an appointment (Metroplis, Pondorly, between the F1 and the Campanile) and a phenomenon (video buzz on the internet, Congress improvised every Sunday at Châtelet and same story in the very rustic log of JPP). Strengths: rabid fighters (is not killer who wants), potentially cute (personal message to Jack Herror: for specific courses of techno-nik, this is when you want to) and prepared for combat (battle every weekend and valves daily hair). So the appearance cheerful and harmless followers of the Tecktonik behind is a real strength – we is hypnotizing elsewhere especially in the dandinage mefira, of the throws stealth arm and the sharp ridges-a certain danger and possible addiction…

Dress code: T-shirts, armbands, mittens… The Eagle symbol, Heraldry and official logo (trademark) Tecktonik, is everywhere! Side look, on a black background, preferred lamees colors, white, or the neon story stand out to a night club. We put on the tight to put forward the silhouette, reasons djeunz (stars, checkerboards, stripes) and a hairstyle to standards, labels TCK (i.e. the neck long and other derivatives). Feet, it is according to his style and ambitions: sneakers, Ballet flats or pumps (plan still for this last option 18 boxes of bandages at least).

Shopping legend: Earrings Magic Stars Tatty Devine, belt light (message passing), Pearl Necklace and star Six, pin skull Pimkie, top “Let’s Go Party” Mim, straps to H & M, New Look slim jeans, pea mittens Adidas sold in exlcusivite at La Redoute and cuff and Stoneware for Walkman MP3 Zen Stone QDOS cases.

A few leads to follow: see the video for the remix YELLE A Cause of boys, go to a club introductory course (fitness & dance, lives ‘ Halles), order next compiling official Tecktonik (volume IV), released on 10 December and train every morning in front of his cat.