Tolerance Zero Abuse in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Today marks the world day against gender violence, a date to become aware of one of the scourges of modern society, among which is a violence that until recently remained in the shadows, an invisible violence suffered by many women in their pregnancies and births: obstetric violence.

The birth of a child should be a unique moment, a day to remember life, when we are feeling powerful, who wishes to be heard. But unfortunately, many times the right of giving birth as women want is trampled, annulling it as protagonists in the process. It is something that should not happen, why, tolerance zero abuse in childbirth.

Invisible abuse

As with other types of abuse, women sometimes don’t realize that is being abused. Assumes that doctors and health professionals “know what to do” and we have to stay calladitas without comment, because we do not know Oxfordastronomy. Underestimate the mother, minimize their opinions, not to respect their wishes and of course, receive insults, and derogatory comments is a form of violence obstetric.

They also constitute an infringement of their rights immobilization during childbirth (which includes tie to the mother’s hands and feet), bag, unnecessary interventions systematic break as a caesarean or an episiotomy without medical justification or be separated from their newborn babies.

Exposing the silence

There are many mothers who have lived not respected births, which have felt that they have stolen this unique and intimate moment.

Give visibility is one of the ways to combat obstetric violence. That women feel that it is not alone, it is important to talk about and explain the pain. Turns out many very painful to confront their experiences, but there is fortunately increasing more campaigns to help these women and prevent new cases.

From support groups in the postpartum to photographic projects such as ‘Exposing the silence’, a movement launched by two mothers who give voice to the mothers with traumatic birth experiences.

In any of its forms obstetric violence It is a violation to the rights of the woman who should come to light and be denounced.

Campaigns against obstetric violence