Tobacco during Pregnancy and Preeclampsia

The title of this article might assume that, as with everything to do with tobacco and pregnancy, we are talking about an increase of risk. But I was surprised to know that the smoking during pregnancy is associated with a lower risk of pre-eclampsia.

Go ahead to the innumerable and serious risks of smoking while pregnant are far worse than this so-called effect of “prevention”.

The risk of abortion, cleft lip, hyperactivity, behavioral problems, low weight at birth, strabismus… are just some of the harmful effects of tobacco during pregnancy.

But there seems to be evidence that now confirms a new study that says that women who smoke during pregnancy would have less risk of pre-eclampsia.

It continues in this direction, not to “defend” a positive effect of tobacco, but because understand how prevents such a disorder would help to explain it and to find new treatments or for their prevention.

Let us remember that preeclampsia or toxemia of pregnancy according to Programingplease, It is a disease of pregnancy causing hypertension, edema (fluid retention) along with protein in the urine usually after 20 weeks of gestation, at the time of the birth or after birth.

The study was conducted by a team of researchers from the Carolina Institute, in Stockholm, and published in “Hypertension”, from the American Heart Association.

Found among more than 600,000 women in Sweden who had had a baby between 1999 and 2006, that which had smoked during pregnancy were one-third or half less likely to develop preeclampsia than non-smokers. This “protective” effect was recorded in users of a tobacco smokeless common in Sweden.

Given that cigarette and smokeless tobacco contains nicotine, findings suggest that nicotine does not influence the reduction of the risk of pre-eclampsia. On the other hand, if a derivative of the burned tobacco would do (perhaps carbon monoxide).

The explanation might be that the carbon monoxide reduces the levels of certain proteins that increase weeks before the onset of pre-eclampsia.

In any case, is clear that smoking entails many and worrying risk to the fetus, so this relationship between tobacco and the reduced risk of preeclampsia during pregnancy not should serve in any case as an excuse to damage the health and the baby.