Tips to Match Accessories!

One of the things I love in this world fashion is that of “accessories”, I’m addicted even kkkkkk, as I worked for 11 years in the jeweler, I’ve always done many creative and harmonious compositions with the jewels that always inspired fashion for my dear customers at that time. 


With that in mind, today’s post I show tips for matching accessories in the colors: silver, golden and rosemary-lime! Mixed biju with jewelry, biju with biju and so on, overreacted in the compositions to serve as “ideas” for you to use what you have at home! Use multiple bracelets with watch is a fashion trick that can make your production more stylish and full of personality, just choose the model that has the most common bracelets with your personal style. The tendency of pulseirismo is already of long standing, but fix it with an accessory useful like clockwork despite charming, leaves you with the air of fashion and stripped. Let your creativity playing at home, abuse of colors, patterns and materials. You can use this mix of bracelets only on one arm or both arms.

I made a video cool super where show more compositions than the photos that are in this post, so you can see better and create the mixes you like, using what’s in your house of course, each person in your style! Sign up on my channel, so when I post the videos, you will receive an email saying there new video in the piece in first hand. For the day valley super bet on jelly bracelets and different styles, with strings, use with clocks more stripped. For the night, shiny rhinestone bracelets with precious metals in a mix of creative bracelet, this rule applies to who is gentle and doesn’t like to exaggerate, in my case, I use twinkle from the time I wake up, in broad daylight, and so I’m going to use everything kkkk without fear of being happy!

In fact there is a rule, will your personal taste, you can play around with the colors and if you’re in doubt, choose a bracelet more thin and delicate to use with the silver watch or a thin strap for use with the gold watch. Only a careful, prefer to leave the bracelets up to 4 fingers below the elbow, rings are released, but if you think too much, prefer to use it in the other hand.