Tips to End Insomnia in Pregnancy

In this article you will be able to know what causes insomnia and how to solve this problem.

Insomnia is a problem which prevents or hinders the Act of sleeping. During pregnancy, for various reasons, it is normal for some women who suffer from insomnia.

And in a stage of life where the pregnant woman feel more tired than usual, not being able to sleep can have very negative effects on quality of life of the future mother.

Although most of the pregnant women feel a lot of drowsiness, especially in the first trimester, insomnia is a fairly common situation during pregnancy, being the most pointed to the normal hormonal changes of this phase of life.

The high level of progesterone has a sedative effect on the central nervous system, which leads to increased drowsiness, but the increased estrogen has the opposite effect, causing the insomnia.

However, there are other explanations, such as stress and anxiety, habitual also during pregnancy, or the discomfort caused by the size of the stomach at bedtime. The insomnia is more common during the last trimester of pregnancy.

What to do when you have insomnia during pregnancy?

It is not advisable to pregnant medication during pregnancy, only in specific cases and under medical advice.

Thus, the pregnant woman must have other solutions to help solve this problem. offers a few tricks and care, which will reduce the chances of having insomnia.

-Put a pillow between your legs, so it is more comfortable in lateral position;

-A quiet and peaceful Sleep;

-Have a routine of sleeping, lying at the same time;

-Must avoid going to places with a lot of noise;

-Enhance your food with foods that promote sleep (examples: beef, bananas, dairy products, rice, etc.);

-Avoid stimulating drinks from 18 hours;

-Drink lemon tea with honey before bed.

Follow this advice, and be able to cope better with their insomnia during pregnancy. If the problem persists, consult your obstetrician.