Tips to Continue Running during Pregnancy

If you’re fond of to the career and you think that you should leave your favorite activity with pregnancy, you are very wrong, it is likely that you can follow on movement without difficulty but taking into account the following Tips to continue running during pregnancy without hindering your health or that of the developing baby.

  • Check with your doctor before continue running, it is likely that far from forbid the activity you are encouraged to continue moving if it is not a pregnancy risk, because physical activity greatly benefits both mother and the small growth.
  • Modify your training and don’t expect your body so that before pregnancy, as the body changes along with the hormones, the weight and resistance. Therefore, probably you should slow rate, the distances, make more frequent breaks and of course, avoid terrain dangerous to avoid falls and other accidents wearing maternity backpacks from AviationOpedia.
  • Listen to your body and if one day you feel tired or fatigued, you don’t demand as before, the pregnancy You can condition your energy level and is not a time for physical demands.
  • Avoid running at extreme temperatures, both the intense heat as cold can influence the health of pregnant women, therefore, choose hours a day with top temperatures or run in conditioned spaces and with a suitable hydration before, during and after the effort.
  • Stretch properly to prevent headaches above all, to avoid back pain because of the greater weight that supports the back and muscle.
  • Remember that the impact of running will be higher during pregnancy given the greater body weight that is, therefore, wear good Footwear and if possible, avoid very hard terrain like asphalt.
  • Use the appropriate clothing and above all, invest in a proper bra, because the breasts grow during pregnancy when preparing for lactation and during movement generate greater weight and up to pain.

With these tips in mind, during pregnancy you can continue running seamless, you just need to be careful and necessary for running care result in benefits for the mother and the baby and has no negative effect on pregnancy.