Tips to Choose Short Dresses

Tips to choose short dresses. It is essential that you choose a short dress that attach to your figure and your personality, in such a way that it projects a stylish image and style. For that, then leave you some tips to choose short dresses:


The color of the dress has to harmonize and combine with your skin tone. For example; If your skin tone is dark you should opt for discrete colors such as dark grey, black or Navy Blue. Put aside the brown color, because this color fades if you figure.

Vivid red, violet and orange colors, are perfect for those who have light skin, since they give their look a share of distinction and glamour. This type of skin will not be anything good with yellow and white, so it is best not to use them. The black color is essential for evening dresses and is always a good choice.


To choose and buy the ideal dress, it is very important that takes into account your figure. If you have a large bust and want to highlight their arms, then I advise you to choose a dress with square neckline, it can be recessed or short sleeves at the height of their shoulders. The easiest way to fine-tune the bust, is using a lovely dress that has thin straps. If you have a large bust you have to choose a beautiful enclosed dress or a dress with neckline beak.

In a case that has a few extra pounds, I suggest to not choose dresses of silk or satin, since these fabrics highlight curves. For this reason, it is better opt for dresses more opaque fabrics and are of plain colors.

Fashion is also available for gorditas women: for them is recommended cut dresses Empire or straight model dresses and which do not conform in the waist, that way will prevent highlight your belly. It’s much better to choose a peak or round neckline.


The stature is another factor that should keep in mind, especially at the time of going in search of the dress. If you’re a woman of stature, so do not hesitate to use short dresses or more below the knees, but avoid choosing dresses too long, since you’ll only manage to show a smaller appearance. Women of stura high have good luck, because you can use any model dress, it is important that you know to combine it and it fits your body.


So the elegance predominates, it is essential to keep a good taste to choose more favourable for its figure necklines. It doesn’t matter that necklines are discrete, flirtatious or suggestive.

The place of the Festival:

For a wedding not ever choose a long white dress, because it is the exclusive colour of the bride. If you are invited to a graduation party, because you use a cute casual dress, but if you are a graduate be a long and elegant dress.

Accessories and complements:

Shoes should be high-heeled and should always be combined with a beautiful bag. It will not be anything good to wear low shoes, rather opt for precious heels. It is ideal to choose comfortable shoes and to be allowed to walk without problems. Evening attire has to be combined with accessories that have shine. Most importantly, carry a small handbag and has great style. Hand bag can be golden, black or silver.