Tips on SMS Can Save Several Newborns

An SMS-message with advice for pregnant women can help to reduce child mortality in poor countries.

In spite of the infant mortality rate, at world level, has been halved since 1990, so there are still major problems with keeping the newborn children alive, it shows new figures from Unichef.

In 2012 died 6.6 million, half of whom died within the first month from the birth of – and a million died on the day on which they were born.

But now something as simple as an SMS with advice for pregnant women, may be helping to save several newborns. It shows a Danish study from Zanzibar, which is conducted among 2,550 women.

The number of mobile phones in poor countries has exploded over the past artid and in Africa alone, the number of subscribers increased from 17 million in the year 2000 to 650 million in 2011. It writes our site.

It is the Danish medical doctor and PhD student, Stine Grove, which is behind the project Wired mothers.

-“We tested about, we know that pregnant women could send text messages to get them to come more regularly for pregnancy care and could get them to come in and give birth in the health system with trained staff.”

And it looks like SMS has helped for 60 percent of the women in the project, gave birth under expert guidance from a doctor or midwife. Compared with women who did not receive advice and guidance on the cell phone came only 47 percent.