Tips on How to Use Mix of Bracelets

Barely out of the European summer and is already arriving in Brazil making a great success. If it was nice to use several bracelets, now the fashion is to make a great mix of materials, shapes and styles – bracelets, bracelets, chains and even the watch, all together, will adorn the wrists of the Brazilian this summer.

To aggregate the mix to look does not have much secret: just mixes several bracelets. It is possible to make a combined mix or well mixed, using various references and materials such as leather, metal, rhinestone, crochet, rope and others – something reminiscent of the style of Gypsies. Also use different thicknesses. It is worth mixing gold with silver and/or bronze, with other colours, pendants and stonework.

According to Marina Mani, da Kör handbags, the fashion of stacking bracelets and bracelets, whether jewelry or bijoux, work very well in summer. It is worth using many bracelets of different types, styles, colours and materials, all together!

The types of materials to be used together is at the discretion of your style, because there is no rule! In this case, the better, as long as it doesn’t surpass the half of the forearm according to TECHNOLOGY-WIKI. In relation to the colours, the summer ta there, and a mix of colorful bracelets combines very much with the station “.

The mix of bracelets can also serve as a trick to tune the silhouette. “that of attracting attention to the wrist is good for those who want to look thinner. In general, fine extremities are always good to attract attention, as well as neck and ankle. The thinnest parts of the body deceive each other’s eye, making it look like we’re all skinny.

The trick of the many thin bracelets also works, in place of a bracelet only, too wide or too heavy, “says Marina.