Tips for Vintage Shopping

Very often the sizes of vintage dresses don’t match the sound current and we risk to take corners!


Many of us in recent years have become true passionate vintage shopping (read). We like to get into these very cool little shops, rummage and find our little sweetie! This can be a length of our favorite designer or from particular line (read), or a handbag but in any case it will be a unique and original article.

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Simplyyellowpages wants to emphasize the importance of size, which is a bogeyman for someone. Whoever does vintage shopping you will realized that the sizes of vintage clothes don’t match up at all with those of modern clothes. The result is that often we take some setbacks, we go home and we discover that the leader we chose there is big 5 times! How is it possible?

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It isn’t about the brand, but just total change in the allocation of sizes. Starting from the years ‘ 90 the sizes got smaller, the one that previously was a 44 has become a 40 and so on. The reason is simple: it is very convenient to the fashion houses make us believe that we are as we would want to lean! For American sizes you must always add 6 to size on the label.

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So if the result is a dress size 4 you have to think it’s a 10 and if it is a 6 then actually corresponds to a 12. This game of sizes has also created some false myths, for example it is often said that Marilyn Monroe was far from being an anchovy because he carried a 12 … already, but now that we know that 12 of the years ‘ 50 corresponds to a size 6 today what do we do?