Tips for Choosing the Right Sunglasses

More delicate than the choice of clothing, buying a new pair of sunglasses will have to follow a certain specification to avoid burns the retina – and that of those who ogle you. Follow the guide to choose your new solar.

Each donning a pair of sunglasses, you have the feeling you either transform P. Diddy showcase at the VIP Room or by Eva Joly meeting in Aix-en-Provence; because the shape is not suited to your face, or because the style of the frame just like you do not. Here are five tips to make the right choice.

1 – Set the use

Before moving the door to your optician, consider the use you will make of this new pair of sunglasses. “The first question to ask is whether the use of glasses will be more urban, or rather sports” begins Valérie Carlotti, founder of the eponymous optician shop. In other words, according to whether you rather happy hour and Marlboro Light on the terrace or rather trek in Jura, choosing your solar in necessarily depends.Accustomed to the 400 meter hurdles, Valérie Carlotti advises models “more shapely, covering the upper part, facing well over the nose and do not slip”, says Sunglasseswill. The others, whose head will most of the time resting on the cushion deckchair them will be more conscious of the frame style.

2 – Choose protective glasses

Buy a pair of glasses Bay Ran on a vendor display at the Champs de Mars sly is immoral. Especially when we know the damage that can be UV rays on the eyes. It is therefore essential to ensure that the sunscreen is sufficient. To do this, make sure that the reference 100% UV400, indicating complete filtration of ultraviolet rays are present. “Polarized lenses that eliminate all reflections generated by a shiny surface, are also a selection criterion, sets Valérie Carlotti, they provide an immediate feeling of comfort, and are for example very suitable for driving.” More technical glasses, called photochromic, vary according to light intensity and “possible not to worry or not to remove his glasses as light conditions.” The former banker of 47 years also warns those who would play Mariah Carey at the exit of the airport, “Be careful not to choose too dark lenses, which could become responsible for a photophobia”.

3 – Adapt his mount to his face and his skin tone

If all faces are different, and although it remains difficult to issue a list of general truths about the choice of the frame without attending the fitting, a few tips can help you avoid the allure Jean-Pierre Coffe. “Round faces will avoid too round frames and will be directed more towards geometric glasses to give new dynamism to the face, sets Valérie Carlotti.On the contrary, the angular faces them can choose frames to curves “. More generally, “the eyewear must be proportional to the human size, their width should roughly match the size of the temples, they must not touch the cheekbone nor hide that part of the eyebrow.”

As for the characteristics of the frame, the material is primarily recommended acetate. “He has presence and solar acetate often have more personality. The metal also is an option but is more expensive, “says the creator of eyewear Carlotti. color side, Michel Polnareff wrong down the line; the choice is influenced by the carnation. “The very pale skin can move towards a shell with warm colors, a blue mat or shiny metal, says Valérie Carlotti. Shadows, translucent gray or straw color they are appropriate for a dark skin.”

4 – Check that they do not hurt you

After selecting the model that suits you, it is whether it will not hurt you when you wear it. “To check, you can lay a finger on the bridge of the glasses. If there is pain, it means either that the frame does not match you whether it requires adjustment by the optician, “suggests Valérie Carlotti. The frame does not compress your temples if you do not want to systematically couple wearing your new glasses with Tylenol 1,000.

The weight is also often seen as factor of choice. “The lightest frames are made of titanium or surgical steel. However, felt the weight is not necessarily related to the weight on the scale. A heavier telescope but with a better weight distribution can sometimes be more comfortable to wear, “says Valérie Carlotti.

5 – Let go

“We’ve had ras-le-bol black, glasses are a communicating object, so get kinky!” Says the owner of the three Parisian shops Carlotti. A man who dresses in neutral colors can totally venturing to mount a color, like a blue trend this summer. ” The most resistant, we do not ask you to steal the mask Michou, but for once to get out of the box.