Tips for a Vintage Wedding

Everything that is vintage is both classic, beautiful, timeless, and never goes out of style. Transfer this atmosphere to your wedding day, and make everything a story behind.

There are people who love to mine a good thrift store. Sometimes she finds gorgeous dresses, but she does not know where to wear them.If you are a fan of Grandma’s clothing and will celebrate the wedding in a vintage style, how about asking all the guests to come dressed with looks acquired in this type of establishment?Also worth assaulting the closet of the old family when it comes to compose the look! And you will get more from stylishtacoma.

Now that all your friends and family will be amazingly dressed, hire a photographer who specializes in making old pictures on your big day, and set the stage for him to photograph all those present.Also contact some antique furniture collectors, to rent them and decorate the environment.

A vintage wedding falls well in a garden, siege or farm. You can spread antique sofas, tables and chairs of the most varied styles and decades over this space, without fear of mixing colors and styles. Also distribute your old, your family and the groom’s family picture frames.Worth even that sister of your great-grandmother you did not even know!Certainly the guests will be entertained tempted to guess who that person is, and to which family she belonged.

To collect or adhere to vintage is to be haunted by meaningful objects, which have been part of the history of a period, and of some group of people.If you know the origin of the furniture or accessory that will use in the surroundings, how about tacking a label, made in the old fashion, explaining a little about it?Who it belonged to, where it was, what decade it was made, who it was used for …

Remember this also when setting up the menu of food and drinks of the wedding, to select the songs that will play, when to choose the uniform of the waiters … Let this style invade you completely!

Still to decorate, accommodate candles on chests and old suitcases of the garden of the house or farm on which your ceremony will take place.We are insisting on these environments because to carry out a vintage wedding it takes (a lot!) Freedom when it comes to decoration.It is virtually impossible to achieve this within a church, and many buffets already have their spaces ready to receive guests and conduct marriages, without having to mess around much in the environment.

If you and your loved one love antique relics and want to assemble the house with furniture and objects of this style, they may suggest some of the type as a wedding gift.Look for links to items you like, and stick them on the wedding gift page list, which will certainly be unforgettable!