Tips and Care For Your Lingerie

Fragile and delicate, the lingeries deserve special attention when washing, drying and storing. The result of good care …

Fragile and delicate, the lingeries deserve special attention when washing, drying and storing, as itypejob suggests. The result of good care is the longer durability of the piece and protection against fungi and bacteria.To get all the doubts about how to take care of panties and bras, the lingerie stylist Adriana Toci gives us the guidelines:

For washing: neutral soap and warm water

Avoid placing in the machine, it is ideal to wash the pieces by hand and never mix the colored with white.Use mild soap and make sure the panties have been thoroughly washed.Any residue can cause diseases caused by fungi and bacteria.

There are already in the market specialized products for washing lingerie, such as Lave-Lingerie or the Higi Panties , with formulas that do not attack the tissues and have a neutral pH.Adriana emphasizes that most of the pieces contain elastane, and this type of yarn is easily worn with the use of soap and softeners.

The water used in the wash may be warm, but it should be at a temperature that is closest to the cold. ” Hot water can damage parts in the long run.In addition, the heat also predisposes to the formation of fungi, “says the stylist.

If you usually wash in the machine, there are special bags to put the lingerie without foam and you can still find in plastic utensils stores rigid plastic balls, which serve to accommodate foamed bras in the washing machine.”They avoid the wear and tear of the ‘rubbing’ pieces in the wash,” says Adriana.

Blemishes with stains can be soaked with water and a fair amount of neutral or specific soap to wash lingeries. The stylist advises to wash as fast as possible and not leave to soak for more than an hour.

To dry: away from the sun, but in an airy place

If you prefer to wash the lingerie during the bath, it is important to remember to put it to dry it in a place with enough ventilation.”The bathroom, especially the shower stall, is not ventilated enough to prevent fungi when it is drying,” says Adriana, who advises that drying should be far from the shower.

However, always in the shade. “The sun can cause fabric wear and color fade,” says the designer.The drying machines can also cause damage to the fabrics, especially to the current ones, that carry threads of elastane in its composition.

Cheer, not even think! This can deform parts, especially in the case of foamed bras. It is advisable to remove the excess water with a slight twist and, to expedite, wrap the piece in a towel and compress.Foam pads can also be dried with the towel, but not kneaded.

There are fasteners that are also best suited for lingerie.”The care would be to not deform the fabric, breaking the elastane yarn and leaving to show those white tips that would be this elastano” advises Adriana.Iron the parts only if they are made with 100% cotton.

To keep warm

Like every piece that counts for gold, the lingerie does not escape the rule and the ideal is to have a drawer just for them. Try to separate by colors and styles.In addition, the stylist advises to use a odorizador of panties, to keep them smelling and clean.Another tip is to put perfumed sachets in the drawer or cotton swabs soaked in perfume.In this case, just be careful not to stain the parts.

Bra bras should be kept open so they are stacked one above the other to take up less space.”Never turn the bulge upside down, because it risks damaging the foam and losing the bra.It is advisable not to put anything heavy on the bra, “emphasizes the stylist.

Washing and guarding your intimate parts with care helps in preserving them, after all, nobody wants to go around with malicious lingeries, does not it?Tell us how you do to keep yours!