Tie and Dye

Let it be said, the tie and dye’s trend, that I say IN-CON-TOUR-reasonable and, contrary to what I thought at the beginning, it is not a new martial art (thai and die, half sensual massage, half put to death). No, nothing to do even though I think that the idea is not uninteresting: If die, as do soft, nan? Anyway, I digress…

Axara (g.) and Nafnaf (in d)-collection PE08

The tie and dye is a dye process that is to tie/tirebouchonner a garment before immersing in one or more dye baths. The result is-in theory-a nice color effect. I say in theory because if due process is artisanal and achievable at home, the dye is a science whose ordinary mortal ignores the secrets and this art often requires little training; clearly, cares everywhere, we’re disgusting the bathroom and get out with a dress that looks like a cloth for the plastic art of a bunch of kindergarten classes small section. Not terrible… But dive a moment in our textbooks: Where is Brian? Brian is in the kitchen… To tie (like the tie) = tie/tie and dye = to dye. So the tie & dye did not seek his good name far and allows no doubt when interpreting whether we a little command of the language of Shakespeare – me and my fatal Thai massage, we were a little too dry English courses…

So twisted, dipped and we’re trend this season? Well no, it would have been too simple! Tie and dye, gift that we are 70’s this spring – summer 2008 is working with care. There are two principles to remember:

The couture-graphic spirit

T hecolors don’t mix in all directions, they meet in nice gradients which exceed no more two or three tones. Are emerging so blocks of color at the troubled joint on loose dresses, sometimes very long (here the remedial classes), cardigans double tones (a bit schizo, but practical when we hesitate between two colors) or contrasting, like soaked pieces of skirts in paint. Conversely, avoid the effect of dye way cloud of mist, or worse the multicoloured psychedelic Star (except miracle: dress 3 holes 100% silk in the small), it is an abomination that must remain in the boxes of costumes – ‘ Watch, otherwise I get out my old t-shirt to go see your parents! ”

A ultra chic look

Colours, we let the neon where it is (a trend + one other trend is not necessarily equal to a super giga trend that puts everybody agree, instead) and we prefer sober colors (Browns, beige, Plum, Navy, black…) noted at most of pastel. Side material, the play still chic with sophisticated materials (silk satin, cotton, sailing…) and modern (varnish accessories). Here the idea is to defeat the image too baba of tie and dye offering him a new life, far, far away from mini-vans to flowers and politico-mystiques sit-ins. Peace.