The YouTube Comment System Will Get Better

The videos of comments area YouTube is not exactly known for being a place where people often publish important issues for society and generate high intellectual level discussions, but Google is trying to improve the situation. YouTube finally announced a new comments system which should focus on relevant comments, or at least is what we expect.

The new YouTube comment system will be based on Google+. Comments made by the creator of the video, important personalities and people in your Google+ circle of friends will appear at the top. Discussions with enough engagement will also be highlighted. In addition, public comments on Google+ on a video also will be shown on YouTube.

How YouTube comments will be sent by Google+, you can also comment in a particular way, so you can share your opinion on a particular video only to your friends and followers on Google+, for example. And YouTube without trolls filling the bag, of course.

Replies to a comment will automatically appear as conversations, so you can follow more easily discussion. Today it is necessary to repeatedly click on links to find out who is responding to those, which is far from a practical solution.

But perhaps the coolest part are the new tools of moderation. You can block users, but YouTube does not warn the user of the lock: the comment can be seen even by he is logged in. Google’s idea is to prevent banned users create fake accounts just to create confusion. There is also a field where you can enter a list of forbidden words: comments to these terms will be sent to moderation (which may mean less racism, homophobia and insults in the comments).

New comments settings will have a list of “approved users.” Currently, the owner of the video can leave comments in three ways: enabled, disabled, or manual approval (they need to be authorized before entering the air). If the user is on the approved list, the comment will direct the filter, saving labor.

The new comments system based on Google+ will begin appearing this week in the Discussion tab in YouTube channels. Google promises to make the new system in all the videos to the end of the year.