Wraparound Dress Pattern

The “wrap dress” or wraparound dress consists of a piece of fabric with two strips of the same material to the sides that hugging to figure wraps the body forming a dress with opening on the one hand and “V” neckline, being tied around the waist with fabric slats.

Wraparound Dress Pattern

Wrap Dresses for Women

The wraparound dress can be with or without sleeves and multi-pitch. Fabrics that are normally used in its preparation are those that can be adjusted to the figure easily and have a soft drop.


The “wrap dress” or dress envelope was created in 1972 by Diane Von Furstenberg-fashion designer, who was trying to create a dress for professional women who needed something simple to use.

For 1976, Diane Von Furstenberg had already sold more than 5 million of wrap-around dresses. In 1997 officially relaunched this model once he saw women using it again.


The great success of the wraparound dress was that it is extremely comfortable, feminine and favors to many types of figures.

Not only that, is a style that can easily make the transition from day to night, enabling working women to look professional in the office and splendid in a dinner, cocktail or club.

Of course the great acceptance that has had since the 1970s has made many to imitate this model. You can see in the market dresses that are actually envelopes to others that mimic be it, but that simply go by the head.

DVF vintage dresses

Sell for hundreds of dollars in vintage boutiques, either on the Internet or in a real shop. Designs that allcitycodes uses in his canvases are unique and make it completely recognizable, while others want it to imitate.

There are special sites to follow step by step the requirements that must comply with a Diane Von Furstenberg original and avoid being prey to scam artists who offer imitations.


Wraparound dress has become an icon that symbolizes the feminine liberation of 70.

“It’s more than a dress. It is a spirit,”said Diane Von Furstenberg in interview with the British newspaper The Independent. “The wraparound dress is an interesting cultural phenomenon, and one that has lasted more than 30 years.” What is so special is that it is really a form of traditional dress. It is like a toga, is like a kimono, no buttons, no zipper. What did my “wrap dress: different is that is made of jersey and figure enhancing”.


Wraparound dress can use in the office, to go for a drink, dinner, to go to the club for a cocktail, for any family event. You can use when the dress code is vague and imprecise.

Although it is elegant and sophisticated, the same Diane Von Furstenberg says that it is not ideal for use in a more formal event such as a wedding, a red carpet or a State event.

It is a style that is women over a wide age range, from young to mature. Even for plus size women, it is a good choice, since being surround, dress is adapting to your figure while they pass the months.

Useful tips

As it is a garment that is very tight, there take good care that it is a good fabric, trying to avoid the dubious quality materials. It is advisable to take special care that underwear reveals no seams or tighten so that not being noticed, and of course, use a good bra.

It must also be sure to lace dress well, as well as to avoid windy places.