The Ultrasound Doppler in The Control of Pregnancy

Doppler ultrasound: All that is to check that the baby is in utero, welcome.

The doppler technique is a color ultrasound, It is used to measure and assess blood flow flowing through cavities and the baby’s heart valves.

It lets you know the amount of blood pumped with each heartbeat, which is essential to determine the proper functioning of your heart, as well as to analyze the heart valves and the walls of the heart.

This helps to detect any anomaly that the baby might have to act in the most convenient way when it is born early with maternity sportswear.

What is Doppler ultrasound?

The doppler ultrasound is also used to view the uterine arteries in cases of women at risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy or when there is suspicion of intrauterine growth retardation.

Are also controlled the umbilical arteries to be sure that the blood flow and thus nutrients and oxygen are adequately reaching the baby.

According to Dr. Antonio González, head of the obstetrics service of the maternal and child Hospital of The Paz “the ‘doppler’ provides an early diagnosis of any abnormality of fetal health and it is essential to adopt with assurance obstetric conduct more convenient”.

Currently, hypertension or diabetes in the mother, cardiac malformations and problems with the umbilical cord and the placenta, which can be controlled through the doppler, are the main factors which can endanger the health of the unborn baby.

In my first pregnancy didn’t me no ultrasound doppler, perhaps arises in case of any possible suspicion.

But if it is so useful for detecting problems, theirs would be that it was within the program of control of routine of all the pregnancies, no?