The Twitter App Gets Night Mode

If you use your smartphone frequently in the dark, you will already have noticed that the bright background does not usually coincide with the fact that the eyes have already become used to the darkness. Often one is immediately blinded, if one in the dark for example the Facebook app opens. The white background almost painfully hits the eyes at such moments.

Many modern smartphones react with their sensors to a dark environment and reduce the brightness of the display automatically, which is often not enough to make the reading more comfortable. Twitter is set right here and introduces the night mode.

Twitter Is A Good Example

Lately, a night mode has been mentioned in connection with the Twitter app. Now comes the new feature definitely also on your smartphone and leaves the user interface dark blue and with bright font appear. This color combination is particularly beneficial when the eyes are already used to the dark environment. While Google recently decided against such a night mode with Android 7 Nougat and other developers do not consider it necessary to equip their apps with such a mode, Twitter at this point shows the courage to the dark side of the app.

Twitter App: Update Is Running

The update to the current version with the night mode should already arrive on your smartphone. If it does not run automatically, just visit the Google Play Store and tap the “update” button on the Twitter app. After the update the night mode will be found immediately in the main navigation.When the night mode is activated, all the backgrounds appear in a pleasant dark blue. So the nightly use of your Twitter app is much more comfortable. However, the night mode is not activated automatically. It does not depend on the light conditions or the time. We can assume, however, that Twitter will improve at this point.