The Strange Language of Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a phase of major changes. The body changes, the mood changes, the way we do things changes. Even the language changes. Learn the strange language of pregnant women.

The Strange Language of Pregnant Women

Pregnant women and mothers speak a completely different language and in time they begin to notice this strange language of pregnant.

DPP, DUM, LA, OB are some words and acronyms you will hear during pregnancy, most are abbreviations of medical terms related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Even though some are difficult to decipher, here are some tips to get a feel for this strange language of pregnancy.

Meaning of Acronyms related to Pregnancy

AU – Uterine height: used to evaluate the growth of the baby. Method that some doctors use to measure belly growth, the measurement is made with a tape measure.

BCF – Fetal Heart Beats

CA – Abdominal Circumference

CCN – Head-buttock length

DBP – Bi-parietal diameter: measurement

DPP – Expected Delivery Time

DUM – Date of Last Menstruation

EO – Obstetric Nurse

FL – Femur Length

GO – Gynecologist and Obstetrician

IG – Gestational Age

IIC – Isthmus-Cervical Insufficiency

ILA – Amniotic Fluid Index

LA – Amniotic Fluid

LDR – Labor Delivery Room: delivery rooms

LM Maternity Leave

OD – Right Ovary

OE – Left ovary

PA – Blood Pressure

PE / PED – Pediatrician

PN – Normal Childbirth

PNH – Normal Humanized Delivery

PP – Placenta Prévia

TB: Basal Temperature

TN – Nuchal Translucency

TP: Labor of Delivery

US or USG: Ultrasound

VO: Obstetric Violence

These are the most well-known acronyms, but there are many more related to more technical terms.

Formula to calculate baby’s size

After an echo many pregnant become confused with the results presented, one of the most frequent questions is the size of the baby, to know the estimate of the size of your baby has to follow the following formula.

FL * 7, that is, multiply the size of the femur by 7 to get an idea of ​​the size of the baby at a certain point in the pregnancy.