The Saga of 3G in Oi – Part 1

Today I received the information that 3G had been enabled for my phone line Hi Company. Soon after, I went out looking for the configuration information so that the connection could be made. It took me a few minutes to find unofficial blogs and websites how to do 3G setup for the Motorola Milestone.

The Saga of 3G in Oi - Part 1

Here in Belo Horizonte I’m still not sure about the 3G signal coverage, but I was only able to connect to the Edge \ GPRS network in the Pampulha region. As I did not think that such a limitation of coverage was reasonable, I decided to contact Oi Empresarial by * 144. That’s where the saga begins!

I called to * 144 and I was able to speak to the attendant after entering my cell number, which, as always, was not identified. The attendant requested confirmation of various company data, and said that a protocol number would be sent via SMS (it was not). After explaining that I would like the data for 3G configuration on my mobile device, she said she could only let me know if I was calling another number and device, preferably fixed. Even though it was strange that they could not give me this information, I asked for the number to call from a landline. The attendant handed me the 08000310800 and said to use option 4.

There I went to the landline to make a new call:

“Welcome to business service!” And waiting music …

Suddenly the menu options begin: “…”, “….”, “Hi, I fixed Hi Velox and enter data 2”, “…”.

There was no option 4! But there was a 5 and others after !!!!!

Even so I typed 4 … who knows the carrier does not have an ” Easter Egg ” style menu ?

Murphy did not leave, of course, and the menu began to repeat itself.

By deletion and as there was no option “Talk to attendant” option 2 above seemed to be the one that most had some connection with the “data” connection of 3G! I typed 2 and a message was said very fast:

“Enter the city code and phone number or circuit number.”

I typed in the DDD and the phone.

“The number is not valid.”

“Enter the city code and phone number or circuit number.”

I dialed the DDD and the phone even more slowly.

“The number is not valid.”

“Enter the city code and phone number or circuit number.”

I typed the DDD and the phone at even greater intervals.

“The number is not valid.”

“If you are not a client yet …”

“Damn it!”

I decided to wait until the end of the message and chose an option that seemed closer to a human attendant: “Other complaints!”.

“Musiquinha …!”

It took about 2 minutes … I was already imagining that I would hear a recording of the type: “After the signal, leave your complaint and the city you are talking about …”, but no … it was really a person on the other side. Bingo!

The clerk requested some information about the company that no one else could know, just the one in charge of the line … look.

“Hello business, who do I speak to, please?”

“Do I have your DDD phone number, please?”

“Confirm the business name of the company?”

“Please confirm the business address or phone number of the company please?”

After confirming all this, the very educated clerk informed me:

– Sir, this number is for answering to landlines, you need to call on * 144.

– But I called and they told me to call this number!

– So you have to call at 080003100800 and use option 4.

– But it was for this number that I called and there was no option 4.

– I know to choose the 4 soon after starting to speak that will work …

– I already did that and it did not work.

– Try again that it can work.

“No … you can not. Take a test there now that you will see yourself that you can not …

– Sir, I can not do this here, you need to call 080003100800 …

– I called and it did not work and now I’m talking to you … you have how to transfer me to the technical sector that can give me the configuration data that I need?

– Sir…. (already with a regret in the voice) there is no way to transfer it, they are different sectors!

– (WTF … !!) But how not? If a telephone company can not transfer a call between different sectors, who will? I need to solve the problem and I will not keep calling. Can you open a call then?

“Peraí, I’ll try to transfer you.”

Something tells me that transferring a call is easier than opening a call …

Then, with a few minutes of waiting and a lot of conversation in the background, I’m speaking again at a conference with the attendant and a girl from the “mobile” sector.

After confirming again the name, phone number and company data, the girl tells me that she will open a call so that in 24 hours someone will contact me to give me the 3G configuration information.


– But girl .. I just need some data … I already looked in the site of Oi and did not find. If you have it somewhere on the Oi site, you can at least tell me where I’m going to go and solve it. You do not have this information anywhere?

– Sir I do not have this “website” information to pass on to you but as I told you we will be opening a call for you in 24 hours …

– But it is not possible that this has not already been written on the website of Hi … do you or do not you? There is no one there by your side who knows how to configure a 3G connection from Oi in Belo Horizonte? It can not be so difficult!

– Sir … I beg your patience because the end of the year was very complicated here for us and everything is overloaded. I’m doing everything I can and everything I can to try to help you, but there’s no way I can do more than this. So I can only ask you to wait at most 24 hours that someone from the technical area will contact you to solve your problem.

– But I do not have a problem, I just need ….

I gave up and thanked the girl for the service. I felt a lot of sincerity in what she said in the sentence above and I saw that she was the only one who lent a solution (even if unsatisfactory) to my “problem”. She was really keen to meet me well and it was clear she did not have the means to do this. It was not really her fault. She informed that the protocol of the call would be sent by SMS and that she had opened an urgent call. I asked him to tell me the protocol so I could write it down and I’m waiting for the call from Oi.

Tomorrow (in 24 hours) I will write the second part of the story. Until then I’m using GPRS even though you can already read emails, feeds and GPS navigation in a good way.

When I am sure of the data for the 3G configuration of Oi, I will post here on the site. While this is using another configuration for GPRS connection from Hi , I found it in a forum.

Is that you? Already passed anger in the service of some operator? Share your experience in the comments!