The Right Way to Wash Sweaters

  1. How often do you wash woolen fabrics: clothing from pure wool does not require frequent washing, because the wave has the ability to clean itself. It is not brewed and does not retain flavors in it works perfectly ventilation of fresh air. This is the preferred fabric for apparel for climbers. How to wash our wool anyway? It is best this is by hand. The wave always be washed with warm water, not hot or cold. To a large extent this is true for the factory designated clothes containing wool, it is best also to wash them by hand. Use only the preparation of which is indicated to be intended for washing woolen fabrics and water to 30 degrees. Also, do not rub and crush the garment, just gently rub and leave to soak. Ingredient in the preparation is the enemy of protein fibers, so thoroughly rinse woolen clothes while they do not expire clear water. You can also put a little vinegar in the water in which rinse clothes to neutralize preparation.
  2. Dry cleaning or washing machine: as has certainly become clear washing machine better not to Use the special 100% wool products, if you do not you wash by hand always include a low temperature of 30 degrees and a program for washing wool or delicate fabrics. Using preparation for the type of clothes that wash. Sometimes it is necessary to use dry cleaning, especially for coats and vintage jackets, which would hardly be laundered at home.
  1. The right way for drying sweaters: best it going to air without direct sun and drying with direct heat better forget it, because it can lead to shrinkage of clothes. Clothing of felt can be used iron steam heat to about 150 degrees, is also well garment is not completely dry otherwise the effect will be visible.
  2. How to care for Kashmir: in cashmere things sit improved way back is better to leave it to ventilate before it can be washed. When let wash water is not more than 20 degrees. Also absorb moisture, but do not squeeze to not get stretched best leave it to dry on a flat surface.
  3. How to remove the beads from woolen fabrics: you may know about the number of shaver, it is efficient, but it is quite dangerous because it can easily ruin his sweater with one wrong move. Best use appliances designed for this purpose, there are even Jumbo for 3-4 lev run on batteries and remove very well formed ugly pads in tissue.
  4. Hanger or folded in the closet: as a wave tolerate easy deformation best way that can be stored folded on a shelf in the closet, because with long hanging from the rack can stretch beyond repair in the shoulder.
  • How to protect the sweater from moths: the easiest and most natural way is by bags filled with lavender packed in the closet between woollens. Remember to put these bags in the cupboard with woolen odeala or crocheted socks from Grandma.
  1. How to “redo” allocated parts of the sweater: to me most often are either sleeve or side of the sweater. If you happened to you can try to dip stretched part in hot water to shrink the tissue acts, but does not prevent the grant. Be careful not to hold it too long because it can shrink more than expected!
  2. If the sweater has shrunk: if you happened so that when washing the sweater has shrunk can try this number. Soak it in warm water and add 4-5 tablespoons of hair conditioner. Leave it kata for about 1 hour. Then rinse it and leave it on a towel by gently stretch shrunk parts. It will become like new, but it certainly helps.
  3.  If a loop: I am tempted to say: “in this case, best give it to your grandmother!” But it is not always possible though. In this case you have to sew the loop by turning sweater and work inside his hand (in hand-knit sweaters) at factory likely be able to return to his old form is close to 0, so you could consider an applique or embroidery that to do on the torn place, of course if it allows, and if not, it is a mourning day for your closet. If you use any special techniques or have tips on how favorite sweater to live longer may share them in the comments! Many times I mentioned that I prefer to items on hand (I know how it sounds: D) but this is a good way to keep your favorite clothing in excellent condition for the longest possible time!